Monday, September 21, 2015

Sunday on the Farms

Alan and I partook of breakfast at my cousin's fine restaurant yesterday in the company and as guests of my brother and his lovely wife.

Pandora the Painted Cow

it was excellent.

Then we stopped to see my dear aunt and uncle in their new home, themselves having retired from farming after a fine career in the field. To our surprise, naughty drop-ins that we were, the whole clan was there, more aunts, uncles, cousins, and their offspring and spouses. 

Better baler daydreams

We are fortunate enough to enjoy the kind of family who gathered us in and offered us further sustenance, of which alas, we were unable to partake...see above.

However, we were hugged and loved on and welcomed and teased about kindergarten photos and such, and went away feeling in fine family fettle. Such good folks..... I love them all!

A pretty Jersey, udderly unconcerned about the crowd

Hence to Sundae on the Farm at Karen's Produce, where I had been invited by my boss at the paper to attempt some photos for same. No idea if any of them will ever see print, but we had a great time...a pretty venue, lots of fine farm folks, lots of folks visiting to learn about farming, and a fantastic day weather-wise.

Then the boss wanted his turn to shine so we went for a bit of a Sunday drive. Found our favorite orchard absolutely thronged with people enjoying the weather and picking apples and pumpkins and that was good to see. I always wish them the best of seasons!


There are very few days as lovely as that, although the evening brought a taste of cold. It is early days yet and us old folks could have put on sweatshirts, but the boss changed the routing of the hot water in the cellar so it goes through the heating plenum on the furnace.

No turning on the forced air or anything, just a little passive warm air movement for the convenience of our miss Peggy......

Pretty much a good time had by all and I am downright thankful for it.


Uta said...

You do have a wonderful life even though tough at times. Would like to be in your shoes. I have always had a love for nature and you sure have lots of that.

threecollie said...

Uta, we do have a great time....hard times too...but lots of good fun in between. I wasn't even planning on attending Sundae on the Farm as I'm not a fan of crowds, but I was so glad I did. Saw lots of nice friends and it was such a lovely day.