Saturday, October 10, 2015

This is the Road

Where milk trucks used to travel.

And grain trucks



Seed, feed, semen salesmen, doctors of animals, friends, and neighbors.

Sixty cows morning and night, coming in from pasture and heading out again.

It used to be clear, clean gravel, smooth as we could make it, protected by barriers so no one would slide into the creek.

Now, like the cows and trucks and people, it is just a memory of a life gone by.

Kind of pretty though.


joated said...

One of the many roads you've traveled in this life. Shows some wear and tear and a little rutting, but, as you say, it also shows signs of beauty and returning to nature.

Jan said...

It doesn't seem to take long for nature to move inl

Terry and Linda said...

Kinda of sad also! If we don't find a renter I think our whole farm will look that way.


threecollie said...

Joated, lots of birds over there! I spent a few minutes just watching right in the barnyard yesterday and couldn't believe all I saw.

Jan, nope, there are already little box elder trees coming up

Linda, yeah, it makes me sad. It is still pretty cool, but I miss the bustle and the busy.