Monday, October 12, 2015

You could Part your Hair

With Chickadees.  

They keep me ducking when I'm hanging out the clothes, flying so low over my head that I can feel the breeze from their wings. I jump every time. They simply do not see me as any more of an obstacle to be avoided than.... say..... a lawn chair.

The titmice aren't much wilder, letting me get two feet from them before they fly. Goldfinches ditto. Sometimes they don't move at all when I walk next to the feeder...maybe six inches away or so...and it hangs right at my head level....and I don't see them. I have nearly hit the ground a couple times when they finally fly at the last possible second.

Even the Blue Jays are tamer than I have ever seen them, although fifteen or twenty feet is close enough to suit them..

I don't know if they are accustomed to me or what the reason is for all that friendliness, but I love it....despite the adrenaline.... 

Grumpy old Nuthatches

Yesterday I was trying to take some pictures of the lettuce before I pull it out for the hens. It is bolting and pretty much past its best. 

Something grey scuttled along the edge of the porch right behind it and was scratching around in the plastic insulation next to the door.

Eek, a rat!!! I poked the plastic to get a better look at it and it ran back the way it came, right on the concrete rim of the porch. I followed it around the corner of the house with mayhem in my mind and murder in my eye.

And then....and then...I saw that it had a beak and wings. It was a tiny, greyish bird, I believe a Yellow-rumped Warbler. I think it was gobbling up the box elder bugs and lady bugs and all the other insects that were clinging to the south side of the house. They are being normal insects and trying to get in. (How I wish they were outsects.)

It didn't fly even when I walked right next to it, just scuttled off in the bushes. 



Terry and Linda said...

Oh odd! But nice for you!


threecollie said...

Linda, it makes doing laundry a pleasure rather than a job, and you never know what you will see out there

Cathy said...

You lucky, lucky ducky!
These are the dearest of birds and you've got them flitting around your head!

threecollie said...

Cathy, we are very fortunate and I often think of you when I walk among the birds. I took Mack over to the barn this morning and there were birdies everywhere.