Tuesday, November 03, 2015


To voting. Been doing it since I turned 18 and haven't missed many opportunities to make my opinions felt.

This was the first time we enjoyed the company of an actual live pig though. I only wish he had been around the first few times I participated in this scary stuff...or at least it was scary for me back then. Not any more.

Now it's your turn if you haven't already. Get out, getter done. And if you vote here in our district, enjoy the piggy, who seems very sweet, and also enjoy your nice sticker.

It says, "I voted!" and so we did. 


Earl said...

You know I didn't get a sticker. No pig in the area either, still the coffee was great!

Rev. Paul said...

No election here today. No pigs, either.

Terry and Linda said...

We mail ours in...Wish we had a pig here! I think our election is still ahead, but I'm not sure since Terry and I have already voted. :)


Jan said...

I always vote by mail. i miss the excitement and the stickers and now a pig?

lisa said...

Yes, voting is a good thing. Even if it doesn't do us any good.

threecollie said...

Earl, guess I would much rather have coffee than a sticker...mine is still in my pocket and will probably end up going through the wash and sticking to something it shouldn't. The pig was pretty cool though

Rev. Paul, there were only a few things upon which to opine. We kinda had a dog in the town council fight though, as one of Alan's best friends was running

Linda, I would look into mailing ours, but with a pig at the polling place, and all the other cool stuff down there I would hate to miss it. The poll watchers are mostly all folks we have known about forever...always good to see them...and even the ones we don't know are actually a lot of fun. Small town life...you just can't beat it.

Jan, the pig was a bonus, as were the stickers, but as I said to Linda, above, seeing neighbors and friends at the poll is an important part of the experience for us.

Lisa, there is that. I keep trying though, so that when I need to complain about government I can do so with the knowledge that I have done what I could...and I love to complain....lol