Tuesday, December 08, 2015

Nuttin' bout Nuttin'

Trying to write a real hard column this week on things about which I formerly knew nothing and am now attempting to learn everything, allowing for a super steep learning curve. Thus I haven't been doing much blog-worthy stuff, just sitting at the computer studying and scratching my head....oh, and talking to cool people in another country, which in and of itself is pretty amazing....

Our boy has gone back to the big city, leaving the house much quieter and kinda lonesome....I always miss him when he leaves. On the other hand it is hard to be 100% lonesome with a not-quite-two-year-old around.....

.....following you into the shower to point and laugh and the like.

Yeah, I had that unforgettable experience last night. I was merrily wielding the soap and hoping to get to my toes before I ran out of hot water...ain't rural life fun...when I heard this deep belly laugh way too close for comfort.

Yep, somebody in a bright red shirt and not much else had slipped through the door and was overcome with hilarity at the (shower) curtain call going on right before her very eyes.

Because babies are fun and all, I pointed and laughed right back and even though the hot water ran out about then we had a good old time mocking one another and giggling up a storm. Her mama kept trying to get her to go out into the office and feed the goldfish, but let's face it, I'm funnier than any old carp.

Good to know I can still do stand up comedy.


Cathy said...

Oh my gosh! Hilarious. You sure do have fun in all venues. :-D
Lucky Duckies.

Cathy said...

And BTW. I'm reeeeeally curious as to what your new project is . . . . involving people from foreign countries . . .. ummmm . . . ok . . . . Are you gonna work for the CIA ? We want to know :)