Friday, January 08, 2016

Out Around Town

Every single building at the fairgrounds was lined with gulls at sunset, mostly Great Black Backed
I thought they kind of captioned this photo themselves

I was trying to get the binoculars on a large flock of Snow Geese down over the river when the pup practically ripped my arm off. So much for birding and dog walking as a cooperative venture.

Mostly Canada Geese and Mallards but there were other birds mixed in

So I ran in and asked the boss to drive me downtown to the bustling metropolis of the twin...non-cities....villages actually...of Fonda and Fultonville.

We needed to go to the store milk.....anyhow.

The Snows were gone, but there was no shortage of other waterfowl. Lots of them.

I wonder....why isn't this area better known for the birding? 

Yesterday there was nothing more exotic than a single female Hooded Merganser, a small flock of Common Mergansers, and a plethora of Great Black Backed Gulls among the Herring and Ring-billed Gulls and Mallards and Canada Geese. 

However, for sheer volume our little bit of river is hard to beat. And I would not be surprised that a better birder might spot better birds. Liz saw a Bald Eagle eating a goose on the fairgrounds the other day.....

Anyhow, the proximity of the shallow, teeming water is why we get so many waterfowl on a dry land farm. They may not live up here, but they sure do fly over.


A. Montgomery said...

Looks like you had fun with your hubby. Lots and lots of birds.
Love Mom and Dad

joated said...

WOW! And we only had 8 species and about 50 birds on our Christmas count last week. I am so jealous.

Those gulls on the roof peaks look like they use a ruler to get just the right distance between each individual.

I get emails each week from a list serve detailing the birds seen in different areas of the east coast. I asked for lists from Delaware to Hew Hampshire and from Buffalo to Cape Cod. Included is one from the Hudson-Mohawk area that includes your neighborhood.

TenMile said...

Having to buy milk came as a small shock, I can understand. It's one of those hidden surprises in retirement no one thinks to mention.

You've converted a couple of my locals to birders. We were talking of farming and someone mentioned Dairy and all the other flinched. From producer to consumer.

New Year to your family.

threecollie said...

Mom, it was great fun. I walked out on the bridge and up on the RR bridge to get the photos and felt very intrepid. Love you

Joated, got the email digests this morning and I thank you very much. Haven't gotten the report on our bird count yet. Don't know what is up with that.....

TenMile, it is hard to become a buyer, but fortunately we do produce a lot of what we eat from beef to eggs, chicken, turkey and vegetables. It just isn't labor and cost effective to milk one or two cows, alas. Happy New Year to you and yours as well

Notthatkindoffarmer said...

Sounds like you had an excellent day! and You got some amazing clicks.!!
Thanks for sharing your experience with us!!

threecollie said...

NotThatkind, thanks, I love going down to the river. It is a privilege to have it so close.