Tuesday, January 12, 2016

The Big Bang

Small blessings...my two favorite birds in the same photo

I was upstairs hanging up laundry when Liz hollered to me.

"Ma, we have an injured hawk down here."

Say what?!?

But yeah, a bird had hit one of the big 4' x 8' windows in the living room and was grounded on the lawn. We very rarely get bird strike on them, fortunately. It is probably because of all the shotgun pellet holes....

However, sure enough there was a large, immature Coopers Hawk on the lawn under the window. It wasn't much hurt because before I could run and get the camera it flew off to the mulberry trees for a bit of a rest and then was gone. I guess it made quite a crash though.

Peggy was fascinated. Long after the sun went down and the windows showed nothing but darkness, she kept calling us over  to look out for the bird.

A fledgling birder? Wouldn't that be nice.....


Terry and Linda said...

I'm sure she will have a love of birding, after all she is a lot like you.


Cathy said...

If she's anything like you . . . . her eyelashes are part feathers already.
Lucky little girl.
Lucky grandma :)

Linda said...

With a grandmother like you she won't have a choice....it's genetic!

lisa said...

You sure do get some of the best birds around.

threecollie said...

Linda, in that respect she is, but she is also tidy, always cleaning up around the place and she surely did not get that from me. lol

Cathy, what a sweet idea! I love her so. I dreamed of flocks of Mountain Bluebirds last night and was sad to awaken and find them gone.

Linda, oh, I hope so! lol

Lisa, we do. I think it is all the varied habitat around us, and of course Coopers love to hunt at feeders. I'll bet the little birds were glad that the big hunter had a headache yesterday. lol