Monday, February 01, 2016


Sunset a couple nights ago, just as it came off the camera.
Thank you Liz for calling it to my attention, as it only lasted a minute or two.

We are a long way from the Rockies, so I guess technically you couldn't call this a Chinook wind. However, it is warm and soft and weird out and I think whatever we have going will be followed by a storm. It feels impending so to speak.

And noisy.

The trains across the river sound as if they are going to join me right here in the kitchen. I can hear the individual rattle of every cross tie and join in the tracks. Clackity, clackity, clackity, clack. Normally they are just a dull roar in the background. Today one must notice.

Everything that hasn't blown away in previous storms is banging and clanging and crashing around out there. The last twigs of the morning glory vines are lashing and slashing across the kitchen window and a draft is sneaking in from somewhere.

If it were March I would just settle down and enjoy it, or maybe go out and slosh around in the mud. However, this is kinda strange for February and I am more inclined to watch it go by outside the windows and wait and see what follows.

Sunrise the day the big snows hit to the south
Those bands of clouds are as close as it got to us


Throwback at Trapper Creek said...

In your spare time could you write a book? I love your prose.

Jan said...

Incredible colors.

lisa said...

I can't believe this crazy weather! Hope everyone is doing well up on your little piece of heaven.

Terry and Linda said...

I want a warm wind...we are freezing here.


Cathy said...

Once again . . a poem in blank verse. With the photos to cradle the words.

Linda said...

It's been a really weird winter here....mild for the most part when we're use to biting cold....I'm not complaining but wonder is the summer will compensate for it.

threecollie said...

Nita, I actually did write one way back about 16 years ago before I started all this Internet stuff. A murder mystery, Murder Along the Mohawk. Never published of course, but the notebook is around here somewhere.

jan, it was stunning! But short. I started to hustle up behind the barn where I could get a pic without wires and buildings, but it was gone before I had gone ten feet out of the house yard.

Lisa, it sure is strange! Hope you and Matt are well as well.

Cathy, you are so kind...means a lot to me.

Linda, It is indeed strange. I can't dislike it, but I can't trust it either.

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