Wednesday, February 24, 2016

They'll do it every Time

Plant expert friends. What is this stuff? Thanks

We had a big family excursion planned, what with Alan laid off for a week and all. We figured everybody who could get time off would travel up to the Farm Show in Syracuse and have a high time.

Then Alan got called back to work for today. Farm Show starts tomorrow.

They'll do it every time.

And the boss in his infinite elderlyness has taken to sleeping a recliner for the past couple of years. It works out well for all concerned. His knees and shoulders don't kill him in the morning and I enjoy the phenomenon of not sleeping next to a running chainsaw (just ask Alan what sharing a motel room was like on the Talladega trip.)

Alas, his recliner, which his dad purchased at least 40 years ago, slowly gave up the ghost. We kept telling him, "You have to get a new chair. You need a new chair. Go buy a new chair."

Stubborn is as stubborn does though. He resisted for weeks, nay months. Right up until the other night he fell out of the silly thing. Seriously, there was nothing left of it.

So, he finally went yesterday and bought one. I tried it out and it is the most comfortable thing you could imagine, nice and squashy, yet firm enough, and catches you in all the right places. Looks good too. He looks so much more comfortable in an actual chair, rather than a thing that had deteriorated until it looked more like a raft for Robinson Crusoe than a chair.

However, despite having slept well, and looking pretty refreshed and all this morning, when I asked him how he liked it he said, "I miss my old chair......"

They'll do it every time. 


Jan said...

This could have been about my father and his old chair. Same dialogue and everything. Yes, they will do it every time.

Terry and Linda said...

You made me laugh. Terry has the same old chair purchased, who knows when, it has so many issues. We've gone an looked for a new chair, I even offered to have his repaired and recovered, he just looks askance at me. "This chair is just fine."

Yep, they do it every time.


Throwback at Trapper Creek said...

Oh my gosh, reminds me of the Frasier episode where they threw out their dad's old recliner and then had to get it back.

ellie k said...

My husband did the same thing, the kids said let us go get you a more comfortable chair dad, he kept saying when I get better we will get a new chair, well he did not get better and the old chair still sits here empty. No one wants to sit in Dads chair but no one wants to get rid of it.

threecollie said...

Jan, what is it with men and chairs? lol that being said, I sit in a recliner that belonged to my late mother-in-law. It is the mate to the one the boss killed off and thus is very old. The boss broke the base off sitting in it when we moved up here. I am short so I inherited....and I do really like it. Good exercise getting up out of it.

Linda, that is really funny....and surely strikes a chord with me. lol

Nita, thankfully he took this one to the dump right away. Otherwise.......

Oh, Ellie, that is so sad, but I do understand. I would feel the same way. I am so sorry. I think Ralph really likes his new chair....he is just being silly about it. Take care, my friend.

WendyFromNY said...

You just gotta love old people!!! I know cause I am one! I am very curious about that plant, would you comment on it when you find out?

Linda said...

Lol, it must be a man thing. The Bossman has his propped up with blankets in all the "right" places...looks like a messy dog bed.

WendyFromNY said...

American groundnut...?

Denny Gross said...

Agree, Apios Americana, groundnut

Jacqueline Donnelly said...

Three folks agree: your flower is that of American Groundnut (Apios americana), also called Wild Bean. Both the beans and the tubers are edible when cooked, but the tubers are more palatable. The flowers are very fragrant and their scent can often be detected before the flowers are discovered.

Glad your husband has a new comfy place to sleep. Console him that it will get even comfier as it conforms to his own special shape.

threecollie said...

Wendy, me too! lol, although I try not to let my brain know what my body is up to. lol ID is both below and in a new post.

Linda, oh, yes! We bought the boss a fat new comforter and he never took it out of the package. Just used it to prop up the footrest! lol

Wendy, bingo! And what a cool plant. I am so happy to get it identified and to find that it is a useful native rather than some nasty invasive. Usually when I see something interesting I discover that it is a pest....

Denny, yes, thanks. What a neat find. I am so delighted.

Jacqueline, even as we wondered at it up in the swamp I knew that you would know....I should have asked here first rather than looking for so long. Thanks. And I will. I think he actually likes it...just being a pain in the neck. lol

WendyFromNY said...

The sad thing here is, I was given a tuber of ground nut last spring and grew it up a pole this past summer. It didn't bloom, so that was no help, but about the third time I looked at it, it finally came to me! See? OLD!