Tuesday, April 05, 2016

These guys will be Fine

But they don't look too happy. We have had a lot of robins all winter, eating the leftover fruits and flying around all bright and beautiful. Although many people don't notice them, it is not uncommon for robins to winter in the north.

 It is interesting to me how many birds use the house structure to soak up sunlight and get warm. I hope the wind doesn't come up today......


A. Montgomery said...

The robins have had better sense than to come up here to see us. There was a phoebe on the deck pole the other day. Dad saw it, but couldn't see good enough to tell what it was. I got out the little bird cards in my head and identified it for him. The used to nest on the tailor porch, and sometimes in the woodshed. Sweet little birds.
Love, Mom

threecollie said...

Mom, we have a lot of them around. They are very pretty against the snow, but I feel sorry for them. They seem to be living on sumac fruits and there aren't very many left. Love you!