Wednesday, May 04, 2016

Animals in the Fort Mac Fire

I have been watching, almost in real time, as people are evacuated and try to get their animals out of this utterly horrendous fire. Horses have been turned loose when people couldn't get them out in time, and others are being hand-led to safety. Once again the good hearts of people shine through in a crisis.

Dozens of offers of trailers, kennels, stables, feed, and monetary donations are showing up in groups I follow in Canada.

Prayers for these poor souls and for the good people who are doing what they can to help them. 


Cathy said...

Tragic, tragic, Horrible to think of the suffering and fear.

Jan said...

Wildfires take on a life of their own. We have had too many.

Jacqueline Donnelly said...

Oh dear! So much suffering! Thank God for kind loving people who do what they can to help.

Terry and Linda said...

This whole thing is just tragic! My prayers are with them!


threecollie said...

Cathy, I feel so sad for Albertans. They are facing so many struggles right now. They sure didn't need this fire

Jan, they are rare here, but we do get them. A couple have started to the west of us and come this way, but didn't reach us. No fun

Jacqueline, I am always amazed at how people reach out to others in times like this...especially in rural areas

Linda, I know you live where fires are a problem terrible

Linda said...

My brother was working just North of Fort Mac and just got back on Friday with some heroic stories of people helping people. it's tragic what has happened and with the government in both our province and country sitting on their thumbs at least the people are stepping up and pitching in.

threecollie said...

Linda, it is so horrible! People are amazing though.