Saturday, June 11, 2016

Like a little Border Collie

And a really nice outrun too.....

Anyone who has owned a Border Collie is probably familiar with the way they like to gather things together, sheep, cows, ducks, family members.......

If they can herd all of anything or anyone into one spot and hold them there, then all is well with their world.

Peggy is just like them.

She wants all her people together all the time.

If she gets up in the morning and someone is missing she wants to know why.

"Aunt Becky?"

"She's working honey..."



This morning, "Where's Daddy?"

It's as if she knows it's Saturday and he should be home.

But.... "He's working honey."


Last night I was talking to her Uncle Alan as he drove home from Washington. (Yes, on speaker.)

She trotted up and demanded the phone....and being an indulgent grandma I handed it to her. Then I told her it was Alan.

"You coming home?" she asked insistently.

And then again, "You coming home?"

"Yes, I'm on my way...."

She thrust the phone at me and ran away to dance and dance, whirling and twirling and giggling with glee......

Yep, just like a BC, happiest at gatherings of her flock.


Cathy said...

Love the comparison! Adorable :)

akaGaGa said...

Perfect! In the case of our bc it was toys, but they make do with what they have.

Terry and Linda said...

And you dance and dance with her!


threecollie said...

Cathy, she is sure a corker. Boss of the world. lol

Aka, wow, good to hear from you! Ours liked toys too, but if there was something to herd, they forgot them in an instant. It is weird to have other dogs now.

Linda, oh, we do. Even the boss does.