Friday, June 17, 2016

Little Things

They can go in both directions.

The boss has always been one of those annoyingly fortunate souls who can whistle loud enough between his teeth to be heard on top of Seven-county Hill.......from the barn.

Despite the pain caused by being too close to that whistle it has been handy too. 

Like today.

He needed me to stand in the driveway to plug and unplug the cord to the motor that runs the cross-mow elevator...just to be sure everything was going to work right, before we started unloading hay onto it.

He went up in the mow to watch while I waited to unplug quickly if there was a problem.

Normally he would whistle, start or go, or stop in a big darned hurry, but thanks to the accident he has no front teeth. Thus he was only able to manage a weak little tweet.

A good stout holler was required in the end. It was kind of sad.

The little male American Redstart that was so obligingly showing himself clearly and singing to me while I waited for action in the plug department was louder than that whistle.

But that's the thing about little things. Losing a whistle is a bit of a pain, but losing a good husband would have been a lot worse. 

And getting to see a Redstart from ten feet away may have been a little thing, but it sure made my day.


Terry and Linda said...

It's those little things, you are so right. But having the husband a wonderful thing.


Carol said...

Your posts and pictures of haying bring back memories of helping on my Aunt's farm. I love the smell of fresh hay.

threecollie said...

Linda, I am grateful daily that he wasn't hurt worse, even as he struggles with working with the injuries he sustained.

Carol, I do too! It is good to be getting started with the haying although I swear I am getting too old to unload wagons. lol