Monday, June 27, 2016

When the Elevator Doesn't

Go all the way to the top.

Or when the third bale of hay that the boss throws on it breaks when it hits the beginning of the cross mow. Plugs everything in sight and sucks in three or four more bales in the process. 

Then none of the elevators go anywhere.

We spend longer than it would take to unload THREE wagons unplugging and repairing....

You might as well stay calm and farm on. It's just part of the job. 

I was filled with admiration for the poor boss climbing up and down and trying to be patient with his amateur help. He got a little cranky, but not too bad.

Me, I followed him around, trying to be helpful, and stood in the driveway with one plug in one hand and one plug in the other, waiting for the call to turn the cross mow on or off.

A couple of Red-eyed Vireos sang in the box elders. Mosquitoes buzzed me, drilling for the ruby ichor the could find behind my ears.

It wasn't really all that much fun, but we did get it fixed, we did get the hay unloaded, and we beat the rain. I beat the catbirds to a few almost ripe blackcaps too, so all is good with me. 


A. Montgomery said...

God Bless you both and the life you live. Love, Mom

threecollie said...

Thanks, Mama, it has worked out pretty good for me, after all the hard years. Love you!

Terry and Linda said...

UGH! Boy do I know those horrid moments. Like you say, it always is the Boss Man who gets the hard part...always.


threecollie said...

Linda, I just made myself think...this is part of farming. Just do it and be patient. And we got it done. It sure has been a good feeling to have the hay under cover with all the storms we have had the past few days.

Cathy said...

Amazing. Just amazing. The two of you.
Hubby and I get grumpy when we can't open the dang pickle jar. You all move mountains while we're grousing about the lid on a jar.
"Give it to me. Let me try!" (Grumble, grumble)
It's humbling . . .