Saturday, July 02, 2016


Today would have been my maternal grandfather's birthday. He was such a good man.....

Kind, gentle, generous, and funny. I wish we had recorded his stories. They were many and amazing......and long, and rambling, but good. 

By the time we knew him, he was older and not in the spring of his wild youth. However, I have always loved the story he told of riding a wild horse for a relative who was something of a horse dealer.

The horse was unbroken and large and generally unrideable, but he got on, wrapped his long, thin legs around and pointed him out of the yard. It was Powder River, let 'her buck from there for nearly four miles, cross country. Any country. All country.

The stable was in Johnstown, but the horse jumped fences and forged creeks all the way to Sammonsville.

 Grandpa's eyes still lit up when he told the story many decades later. 

Guess the nag was tired enough at the end to return home in a more docile manner too. I'll bet they called him broke after that. Must have been fun.

Grandpa also grew rhubarb, the best I've ever enjoyed. I still have some plants he gave me that I have moved from house to house for forty years. He was a grandpa to be loved and fought over with the other grandkids and generally depended on for anything anyone needed. 

I miss him. July second will never be the same without him. 


A. Montgomery said...

What wonderful memories. It must have been Uncle John Grovenberg's horse. He had a pair of the most beautiful huge greys which pulled his wagons and carriages. Wonderful memories. I miss him and think of him most every day. Today was Aunt Helen's Birthday too. Think of Aunt Helen? Think of the best baked beans you ever tasted, made from scratch. Thank you daughter for the lovely reminder. Love Mom

Ann Ward said...

That's a beautiful story and it's wonderful that you have so many great memories of him. He's smiling at you - smile back and remember all of the good times

threecollie said...

Mom, I believe it was one of his horses, not from his wonderful team, but something he got in to sell or trade. I wish I had paid more attention, as the story was super funny. You know how grandpa was. Imagine him....such an Ichabod Crane....riding a wild horse to Sammonsville and back. What a cool guy he was. Love you!

Ann, I hope he is! And I do think of him all the time. He was so good to everyone around him....if one of us grandkids or his kids called because they were having trouble, he would drop everything and come and do all that he could. He was so patient and good to my grandma too. Thanks