Thursday, August 04, 2016

You work with what you got

Prior to the knee I had a reasonable routine worked out....for doggies that is.

First thing in the AM, walk the pup on a leash and put Mack up in back on his running cable. Let him exercise on the cable until the sun got warm, bring him in, leash walk him at noon, and put him back out there when it got cool later in the day...

It worked for everyone. I don't let him loose with Fin because he has such a tremendous prey drive that I'm afraid he'll kill him.

Enter the knee. Just one trip up the muddy slope to the backyard laid me right up. Thus I now walk the pup, crate him, and just let Mack outside loose. He is such a hunter.... he peruses the yard and barnyard for vermin at warp speed. He has a lot of fun and it's fun to watch him at it.

This morning all was in place. I was washing dishes and keeping half an eye out the window for him. He was hunting under the horse trailer.......when an all too familiar scent wafted in the open door.

Oh, crepes! Not that!

I quickly crated the little guy, closed the doors, which were propped open, and went out to assess the damage. Plans whirled through my head of how Mack was going to have a nice vacation over in the cow solitary...

For a week at least. Or two. A month. Or two. A get my drift.

I was getting some drift too, and it sure didn't smell good out there in the yard. My heart was down at my knees. I was all clean and showered, nice fresh clothes and all, and now I had to catch my dog......who was certainly neither clean, nor freshly showered, and probably not smelling of roses and daffodils either.

I called. Called again. "Here Mack."

And he came, bustling up like a good boy.

Covered with mud, panting and soggy with dew, but smelling only of muddy dog. I don't know what riled the skunk, or where it is, or anything else about it.... But at least he didn't get the dog....and that's what counts.

Alas, I obviously now have to cook up a new knee-saving morning  routine, as, if there is a skunk out there, probably Mack should not be hunting off leash.


BTW I discovered, much to my surprise, that he comes when I blow my shepherd's whistle just like the old BCs did. Which is handy.


joated said...

Whew! You lucked out this time. Maybe the skunk will move on in short order and you'll be able to establish a new routine that works for you and Ren.

Cathy said...

Ruh roh! Skunk? And the dog is off his leash.


What a sweetie :)

Jan said...

OK maybe country life isn't as idyllic for me and the dogs as I had imagined.

Terry and Linda said...

Dawn dishwashing liquid, and hydrogen peroxide and a good scrub and many rinses and the skunk smell or any other nasty rolled in smell is GONE!

He is sure cute!


threecollie said...

Joated, I am back to turning Mack out loose. I just have to. I am getting around a little better, but he tends to pull and that tends to hurt. Hopefully stinky poo will, as you said, move on.

Cathy, yeah, potentially an awful situation. He is a pretty dog, but he sure is all terrier. It is nice to let him hunt though. We are overrun with bunnies, woodchucks, and every other rodent you could envision. He is working hard to remedy that.

Jan, it's a great life if you don't weaken. lol

Linda, thanks! I always keep Dawn on hand, mostly because I like it, and that is good to know.

A. Montgomery said...

Plus Dawn is only 99 cents at Walmart and this week at CVS. I use it for everything too. Love you daughter. Mom