Saturday, September 17, 2016

Happy Birthday, Mama

I'd give you the moon......if I could just reach it......Love you!


Terry and Linda said...

Beautiful photo...wonderful gift for you Momma!


A. Montgomery said...

Thank you for the lovely birthday gift. I did enjoy you and your ?twin brother taking us to breakfast. I also enjoyed the visit and the cake afterward. I was thinking in church today. You and your brothers are my best gifts from God. I love you all and enjoy your bright minds and also your children and grandchildren. God is good.
Love, Mom

threecollie said...

Thanks, Linda, the moon was lovely the night we went out on the bridge with the kids

Mom, glad you liked it. I had a great time too. So much fun to spend time with family solving all the problems of the world. What a great president Michael would make...all wise and full of common sense and fairness. Love you too!