Friday, September 16, 2016


Family folks invited the boss and me for a moonlit walk across the new Mohawk Valley Gateway bridge in Amsterdam the other evening. Alan and Becky came too, as did our family and their little ones, our Amsterdam grandbabies.


It was a very nice experience. The moon was nearly full, the river was lightly ruffled by a crisp autumn breeze, and the people we met in passing were cheerful and friendly. The girls were sweet as sugar and good as gold, and the bridge was a pleasant surprise.

It was of course, all shiny-new, but it was.......nice...native plantings, a 911 memorial, installations about the city, and a great deal to see and experience, all watched over by a big, pink and silver sky. Thanks, Scott and Jen, Maddie, and Claire, for a really nice night out.

Ice cream moon


Carol Williams said...

What a great shot of the moon! Here in the South we have not had to pull jackets out yet, of course. My car temp said 96 today. I was at the FSU football game last weekend and had to leave at halftime because I was getting overheated. I am looking forward to cool evenings and crisp breezes!

threecollie said...

Carol, thanks! We are having about the best weather we will get all year. Chilly evenings, but no frost yet, and warm, gentle days. I love it. Too bad about what is to follow though. Lol