Wednesday, October 26, 2016

My Favorite Fruit

I could not resist the Ozark Golds

We did it.

The boss and Becky and I went up to Bellinger's lovely new apple store, picked up a couple of half-bushel bags to fill, and headed out to pick Pink Ladies.....

 I love picking apples almost as much as I love eating them. It was fun!

Looking through the trees to the farm of some friends

Puffball clouds rolling overhead, friends' and neighbors' farms and fields all around us, pumpkins in the patch, a sweet, swift breeze passing by....the orchard one of the most beautiful places in a beautiful county, and so close to home too.

And apples, so many glorious, lovely, juicy apples of every color known to fruit.

I always go to the orchard intending to pick just the kind or kinds I need for keeping....

I am always seduced by the plumpness of the eat-'em-now varieties and we end up grabbing a few of those too. 

Pink Ladies

This trip we picked most of the bushel of Pink Ladies, a few Granny Smiths, and some Ozark Golds. Just couldn't resist those fat golden globes, even though we will need to eat them up pretty quick. (What punishment). Becky and I just split a pair of apples, half a Honey Crisp she bought a couple weeks ago and half an Ozark Gold still cold from the tree for each of us. Unless you have eaten a freshly picked, ice cold apple lately you just can't imagine....

I checked and the orchard will be open well into November. There are lots and lots of gorgeous apples left on the trees and more in the new apple barn. Don't miss your chance for a fruitful adventure. I think we may go back Friday. I do love to pick apples.

The branches lean down close so you can reach
and the apples practically beg to come home with you. I swear they are like puppies, so eager to join you on your journewy.


Anonymous said...

OH How fun that must have been. Love your knowledge of apples too. Love it...and the photos. I have never heard of some of them > Bayfield, in Wisconsin has a huge huge APPLE son and his family went from Virginia MN over to Bayfield on Saturday. They have everything there made of apples, ketchup, mustard, pancakes, cakes cookies pizza, hot dishes would have loved it I bet. Loved heaering the BOSS wehtn with and Becky day for you all. Blessings and thanks for his lovely post..Love Merri

threecollie said...

Merri, it was great fun! I wish we had picked up a couple more bags and gotten at least another half bushel. They are so good!

Cathy said...

May this winter pass swiftly and the fruit trees bloom sweetly as the warm breezes lift our spirits.

threecollie said...

Cathy, I swear, I live in the wrong place. I mean, NY is beautiful and all, but it is half winter. This half. Ack. lol

Terry and Linda said...

Apples are my favorite fruit also!