Friday, November 18, 2016

Ice Cold Apple Goodness

Frosty pink fogginess

Right at this moment I am enjoying an Ozark Gold apple that was on the tree half an hour ago.

We went out to our favorite orchard, Bellinger's to pick Pink Ladies, having decided that it is going to take a second bushel to get us through the winter....they are getting eaten quite quickly. Seems as if everybody likes them, including Peggy.

It was cold and foggy and spooky and beautiful out there all alone among the trees. Geese were echoing somewhere above, unseen in the thick cottony fog. 

There sure is a lot of good picking left, and I guess the orchard will be open until T-Day, if you are interested in getting some for yourself. The Pink Lady trees are bent right down with brilliant, blushing fruit. The boss and I picked a bushel in no time.

As always I wandered the nearby rows for a couple of other kinds to finish out the bags.....including four Granny Smiths and the Ozarks.

Wish I could share with you how delicious this apple is. I only picked four of them too, and if not for digestive discretion I would eat them all right now, while they are still so cold.



A. Montgomery said...

Thank you for the pink ladies you brought us yesterday. They are almost too beautiful to eat. Love, Mom

ellie k said...

I wish I could reach in and take one of your apples, when I lived in Ohio we did the same thing, they kept in the cellar most of the winter. Now we see the same thing with oranges, whole trees that are not picked for one reason or another. the price of oranges are up this year due to the Greening disease, so much fruit did not mature. The packing houses are asking growers to pick there fruit as soon as possible. Usually there is a line trying to get fruit to the packing house. Enjoy those apples, fry some and make biscuits to eat with them.

Cathy said...

"It was cold and foggy and spooky and beautiful out there all alone . . "

So glad "digestive discretion" doesn't prevent you from processing words as you do :)

R.Powers said...

A fresh,cold from the tree, not cold storage, pink lady sounds heavenly.

threecollie said...

Mom, You are most welcome. I hope you folks enjoy them. I have another Ozark Gold just waiting for us to be done with deer stuff....Love you.

Ellie, wow, I don't know how to fry apples, but I would love to give it a try. I wish you could enjoy one with me! I do so love them. One of the best things about fall and winter. I hate that the orange growers are having so many problems. We are sent some fresh Florida fruit by family who live there each year and they are so delightful. Take care, good friend.

Cathy, thanks for your kind words. It is a cheering experience to go pick apples. Really a lot of fun!

FC, wish I could share. They are so good.

Terry and Linda said...

I too love apples! They are my favorite fruit. The ones I like the best are HoneyCrisp, followed by Red and Gold Delicious...although I love them all, even Romes and Winesaps!