Friday, November 11, 2016


You know who you are. Brother, uncles, cousins, friends, neighbors, and strangers, people I have met once and much admire, people I have never and will never meet.

Thank you for taking time out of your lives that you might have much preferred to spend in other ways, and spending that time in who knows what nightmares, for the sake of people like me.



Carol said...

Thanks to you. You are a bright spot in my day.

Cathy said...

In this culture grown so dark lately. Your blog is comforting respite.

It is we that thank you,

Rev. Paul said...

Thank you for remembering us.

12Paws said...

I wish I could be your next door neighbor and just walk into your kitchen for a cup of coffee!

Terry and Linda said...

You are my daily read! I cherish my short time with you.


threecollie said...

Carol, thank you!

Cathy, thanks, I actually strive for as upbeat as I can. Not always a success.

Rev. Paul, thank you personally for your service and for your great blog, which I always enjoy even if I am often too lazy to comment.

12 Paws, as long as you don't mind instant. lol. Wish I could meet in person the wonderful people I have met via the Net.

Linda, that goes both ways. You have such a kind and understanding way with the world.