Thursday, December 22, 2016

Even if

You don't have an iPhone, you can still have fun on a snowy winter day. A couple of sleds, some snowballs, a little time off from school and you are good to go.


Jinglebob said...

That's the best kind of winter fun!

Jacqueline Donnelly said...

I know we don't agree on this (having read your last post), but winter sure can be a lot of fun. I love to go animal tracking or wander around a frozen lake gabbing with ice fishermen and admiring their catches. Sometimes they even give me fish! Look around for an animal-tracking workshop to learn how to read the tracks, get some snowshoes and Yaktrax, and winter will never be the same bitter-cold thing we dread. Nothing warms you faster than snow-shoeing through deep soft snow.

threecollie said...

Robert, it was fun to watch them! They sure could make those sleds fly. I enjoyed the photos of your family out for a day in the snow as well.

Jacqueline, alas, my knee is so shaky it is hard for me to even walk in the snow. I used to snowshoe though....ran my maple taps on them back in the day. I'm not too bad a tracker and like to go out when there is just a fluff to see who has been out in the barnyard. I love seeing your posts about your treks and admire that you get out and do them after your knee adventures.