Friday, February 24, 2017

The Song of my People

Won't you sing with me? A-B-C-D...arf arf Pull me along. Pet me.
Little creeper! I dug it out and Liz is going to dispose of it away

I was taking the dogs out just before sunrise. Mack the terror races around even on the porch. He would make a great barrel horse, so small a circle can he make. This morning his rummaging assault on all things porch-bound was accompanied by the weirdest music.

Sound track for a rat hound or something.

For a minute I thought I had somehow acquired a new ringtone on my phone. Who would be calling me so early and what was that awful music?

But, no, it was one of the many noisy toys Peggy has stashed here and there around the place, singing me a song of small people. Evidently it is terrier-triggered and does not feel safe there under the cooler where it is hiding.

All I can say is ACK.


Terry and Linda said...

Thank you for my morning chuckle!

Anonymous said...

I'm pretty sure that little bugger is possessed and needs to be salted and burned...