Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Not much to Sing About

Before the tempest

Today's other post was actually written yesterday..... 

And then.....After the fun with little birdies was over and the sun went down, news about storm damage began to trickle in.

Several barns collapsed. So sorry for the folks involved. Cows had to be moved but at this point we don't know much more. Farmers all over the region were forced to dump milk, as roads were impassable and trucks outlawed in some areas. This was a terrible, awful, nasty bad storm.

Then as I sat in my chair, done for the day, glad of it and looking at my phone, stories began to pop up from town. They were not good news.

Fultonville Methodist Church, a lovely and iconic white board building just a couple of blocks from where we used to live in town, was on fire.

Although we never attended services there, the kids went to an after school program there that they really enjoyed. Friends got married there. People we know well live on the street and their homes were threatened. We could see the flames from the living room.

It was a sad night.


Cathy said...

Those pictures of the church . . . .

Do they know the cause of the fire ?

What an awful storm.

threecollie said...

Cathy, we still haven't heard what the cause was....such a sad thing for this tiny community. It was a very socially active church and home of worship to many of our friends. The skills and efforts of the firefighters cannot be praised enough. Buildings snugged right up against it sustained only a small amount of damage to siding and such, despite very cold temperatures, buried hydrants, and gigantic snowbanks. They are a credit to the several small town companies that responded.