Saturday, April 22, 2017

Earthquakes and Audio Books

We did stuff yesterday. A lot of stuff. We had plans; those plans fell through, and so we did other stuff.

Last night I was well past tired, falling asleep in the chair I went to bed early, managed to herd the gerbils off the mental wheel and into their various cages and slept the sleep of the really darned sleepy.

And then at 1:53 AM my cell phone peeped me awake..... Instantly. My ringtone for weather and safety-related alerts, is, alas, the same as the one for my boy. Thus the instantaneous wake up.

I was delighted to learn that there had been an earthquake of a 2.8 magnitude somewhere in eastern Canada. Oh, wow.

I have friends on the left coast and on the last frontier who wouldn't even roll over in bed for one of those, let alone one 250 miles away.

I am grateful for the emergency alert system....we experience some pretty dangerous weather around here for an inland area, and it is good to know about those severe thunderstorms and blizzards before the lightning is flashing and the snow is swirling.

However, the alert woke up every single one of those blessed gerbils and they hopped right on the worry wheel.

That's where the audio book came in. Becky has an Audible account, which she shares with me. We have discovered that even the most beloved of tales will lull the gerbils to sleep in about twenty minutes. There is a sleep timer on the app. So.....Father Tim and Barnabas and Dooley Barlow helped me to get through the rest of a night that otherwise would have been sleepless.

So glad Becky discovered this concept. Less glad that I snoozed through the part where Barnabas returns. Guess I'll have to play it again tonight.

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