Tuesday, April 25, 2017

The Return

We much enjoy woodland creatures
and spotted this amazing fellow at Lyker's Pond the other day

Of the rain, came just as forecast. Seventy yesterday, several degrees below cold now. It won't hit fifty on the day watch today. Still, it feels like spring; all those pansies are planted either in hanging baskets or the lovely window boxes Alan got for me from one of his coworkers. They make even the dank cold look cheerful and sunny.

Peggy got to visit a dairy farm yesterday with her folks, the home of a fine young man they did 4-H with back in the day. He was always a hard-working go-getter and hasn't changed a bit. It is good to see how he and his young family are carrying on the dairy tradition.

Anyhow, while they were there a tiny goat kid was born. When Peggy got to go in to see it, all damp and matted down with being newborn, she asked, "Where is the shell?"

Everything that is born anew and observed by her youngself around here comes out of an egg...so there must be a shell, right?

Explanations were in order and she is now much taken by goatlings. It is such a delight to enjoy the wonder of learning in a little one. Plus Liz got to milk a couple of cows, which made her day.

I don't dream about cows any more, although I used to all the time. Oh, those alone-in-the-milking-parlor at the farm where I used to work come on occasion, but less and less as time goes by. I do look at photos of them and enjoy passing farm fields redolent with the scent of new grass and the valuable organic fertilizer cows provide though.

However with the challenges facing dairy farmers today....well, I don't think I could deal with that....again...... because as long time readers know, we lost our market....twice. It is harder than you think.

And farmgate prices are low despite thriving butter and cheese sales. There is a lot of blame to be laid at the door of government officials who told us back in the day that dairy fat was bad for us. Too many people still believe it. Not us, we love our milk and ice cream and cheese and don't feel a bit guilty about enjoying them.

Lots of these guys too...


Jan said...

Isn't the latest that whole milk is healthier than skim milk? Is the science settled?

threecollie said...

Jan, that is indeed so. It kills me how many of the old ways that our grandmothers believed were healthiest are being discovered to be exactly that!