Thursday, April 06, 2017

You had to be There

A thing speeding along the shores of the Schoharie Creek

Before picking up the freshly repaired chainsaw yesterday, we briefly went to our favorite birding spots.


While perusing Buffleheads and Wood Ducks I spotted down the Schoharie.

It was moving so fast...everything is at or near flood stage...that I could barely get it in the view finder before it was gone.

Next we went down to Yankee Hill Lock, which is on the Mohawk River, to look around some more. The boss soon found a lovely and intricate kinda cairn of carefully stacked stones atop a riverside boulder. He called me over from where I was peering at ducks to take some pictures of it.

Just before I got to him I found myself laughing incredulously as the same....thing...came racing, even faster, down the river towards us. I hadn't mentioned it at Schoharie Crossing, so he thought I was nuts...but we are both used to that.

Anyhow, once again I had to click pretty fast to capture it, but as it was on the same side as we were this time, we got a bit of a better look.....any guesses? And what are the odds we would see it sailing by in both places?


Jan said...


Denny Gross said...

It's a Kawaski model 300 jet ski. I turned the photo upright, googled it and found a photo. Makes you wonder how somebody lost something that big.

threecollie said...

Jan, Denny has the right of it. Weird huh?

Denny, thanks, never having had anything to do with jet skis, we thought it was a lawn mower. lol