Saturday, May 20, 2017

Breaking Good

Not new, but a favorite, a Savannah Sparrow

The unseasonable heat wave broke and left us with cool, bright sunshine with a brisk and vigorous breeze. After all the recent not fun we have had birding public spots, I took myself to the base of Seven-County Hill seeking new birds.
Hickory Tree, guarding the entrance to Hickory Tree Field

Got a couple, maybe three, but mostly just enjoyed the incredible day. It was cool enough to make the walk easy,  birds were singing, and traffic was fairly quiet for a change. I took a short video of a Cottonwood shadow dance. Turn up your sound for a taste of wild Northview. Extra points for naming the bird singing....

***Update, yes, three, including an Alder Flycatcher


Cathy said...

Oh Joy! What a delight. I'm so poor at flycatchers. What a unique and beautiful place you inhabit.

threecollie said...

Cathy, it was a great walk. That isn't him in the video, just a random...I think Song Sparrow, but with an odd call. Probably anyhow. The Alder was back on 7-County. Heard an Eastern Wood Peewee on the same walk, but down by the barn.

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