Friday, July 14, 2017

Rogue Weather

Last night the wind got up and it rained every which way and was not nice.

Something made me bring everything inside...even chairs and "drying" bathing suits.

Good thing. I don't think it rained sideways but the fog is flowing everywhere and even the screens sheltered by the porch are rimed with water droplets.

Spider webs are dew strung floating on the rising wind like filling sails on spider ships.

I woke to fog this morning cotton candy pink, then orange, then green. But now just grey and chilly.

I will brave the porch for a while do a bird list...maybe fish a little, but then I'm going in I guess....Mack doesn't like it out here in the almost rain.

Scarlet Tanager for excitement this morning, singing in the woods behind the cabin.


Jan said...

spider web...nice touch

Terry and Linda said...

Your spider web description is lovely!

Cathy said...

Magic even on a gloomy day :)

threecollie said...

Jan, didn't see them before the fog...then there were hundreds!

Linda, thanks!

Cathy, it was!