Wednesday, September 06, 2017

I Hope

Yellow-rumped Warbler from Cape by Alan

You aren't getting tired of birds. I'm sure not!

I was just getting ready to take some laundry upstairs to hang it up when I glanced outside.

The yard was full of warblers. I have been seeing a few, but these were everywhere. Quickly saw the first two Wilson's of the year and a Magnolia, and then all these other ones that wouldn't hold still while I tried to ID them. A fat green one. A brown one with a cap...probably a Palm, but darting in and out among the dead vines on the barn too fast for me to follow. Probably another Blue-winged, but too far away to be sure. And lots that were just blurs behind leaves, too far, too fast, too dark out.....

It was like Cape May, only with more than one kind of warbler. I sure like this. Now if only I knew what the fat green one was....

American Redstart from earlier this year


Cathy said...

NO WAY !!!

You are living in birdy paradise there at Northview !!

:) I love it.

threecollie said...

Cathy, we are! As the pastures become more overgrown and trees and brush spring up, more and more birds appear. Yet the absence of the cows has taken away others. Killdeer used to nest all over the heifer pasture, loving the close-cropped grass there. Bama, Moon, and Moonshine can't keep it short alone. Now the only Killdeer I have counted on the farm have been flyovers. And Woodcocks! Same story. Not a one in two years...the cows have been gone for three now. They used to dance right up behind the house in the heifer pasture by the little horse pasture pond. Moved on to greener...or shorter...pastures I guess. I miss them!!! That delightful twittering made the icy, tantalizing, days of early spring just a bit more exciting. Right now a Northern Cardinal is making a fuss at the tube feeder Jonna sent me, right across the room outside the window. Things will get hopping pretty soon. Anyhow, I have my dull grey birding shirt on...I was in bright blue yesterday, not planning on birding....and when the sun gets going so will I, out to see who showed up overnight. Wish me warblers if you would...they are so much fun.