Monday, November 13, 2017

Dog Day

We also came across this lot, which is pretty darned cool for Upstate NY

The kids were all home for a bit this weekend, which made for some major fun indeed.

Also included time for our engineering-minded young man to do some work on the furnace blower so the house is actually warm.....which is a fine thing.

However, after everyone went on their way or about their business, the boss and I went birding.

Nothing exciting to report, but we had some delightful doggy encounters. 

First there was a lovely Redbone Hound having an excursion at Yankee Hill. She was a beauty-glossy, dark mahogany-colored, smiling, friendly, and funny. She just loved us when introduced and soaked up pets and admiration as if all was due her as canine royalty. You could tell she had never met a stranger. 

We compared notes with her folks about hounds we had known, photography, bird listing and just enjoying the park. Then we divested birding accouterments and finished up the trip list while they loaded up their car and were off.

As they drove away, she hung her head out the window and bayed at us, hoping I think for more lovely human contact and admiration. Her human chauffeur said that driving with her was an interesting prospect as that big, bell-toned muzzle was right next to his ear. We could hear her still at it as the car vanished around the corner......


Jan said...

cute family portrait

Monica said...

Those dogs! Wow!

Terry and Linda said...

Your family is just darling all smiles and full of fun!

threecollie said...

Jan, thanks, they were having so much fun. Been apart for a few weeks and everyone had so much to say and joke about. It was a great moment!

Monica, I was so tickled to get a set of photos, although I would have loved to get them all in one shot.

Linda, thanks, we are quite fond of them. lol