Monday, November 13, 2017

Four-letter Words

There were at least three-hundred of these four-letter birds at Schoharie Xing yesterday
There was just enough ice to hold them and they must have enjoyed it as there were another two-hundred not far away. Ring-billed Gulls

Trying hard to wean myself off them....impressionable young person living here, and one who is bright enough to pick up innuendo, let alone outright cussing.

However, this morning, a little-known four-letter-word-type substance is fluttering merrily down to the ground.....the one that starts with S, you know what I mean if you live in the North Country.

Bah humbug.


A. Montgomery said...

I share your sentiments. Your brother stopped here this morning to bring me my "Men of Worth" CD which I left in the player in the van. It is one of my favorites. We saw them live at the Scottish Games at Estes Park CO many years ago. I found the case but not the disk so I asked him to have Kegan look, and they found it. Your other brother has provided us with a new disk player which I am enjoying immensely!
It was nice to talk with you yesterday. Love you. Mom
BaH Humbug!

threecollie said...

Mama, glad you got your CD back and that you have music again. I didn't know that you didn't...sorry.
Love you too!