Sunday, February 18, 2018


I see you, but I can't always ID you...(Herring Gull BTW)

 I am terrible at gulls. If the commonest, most ordinary, most every-day sort of gull, say a Ring-billed or Herring Gull, were to land on my shoulder and start pointing out its own field marks, I would second guess myself anyhow.

Thus I often post gulls, even such things as first cycle Ring-billed Gulls on bird ID pages....just to be sure.

Glaucous Gull

I was pretty sure I saw a Glaucous Gull today. Big, even when compared to adjacent Herring Gulls, the right color and all. However, I posted asking if it was an Iceland Gull, as that seems to be the go-to plain white gull around here.

However, happy dance, it was a Glaucous. Then, as I was deleting unwanted photos I noticed what appeared to be a smaller white fella, with an all black bill...

Iceland gull

Whadda ya know, an Iceland Gull in the same picture.

How cool is that! A twofer.

The twofer


Jonna said...

At least you try to identify them. I've pretty much given up!

threecollie said...

Jonna, I don't blame you! They are so hard. I run most of them past the "What's this bird" group on Facebook, and sometimes even then people don't like the IDs. Gulls are just plain tricky.