Wednesday, April 18, 2018

A Might Shiverish

As many loons as i could fit in one shot

It isn't just cold for April, it is ridiculously cold for almost any month. The temps are hanging in the low 30s with endless hard, wet, snow and rain-filled wind.

I was standing right under this beaver tree
until I happened to think about those high winds that were blowing.

I went quickly elsewhere

You have got to be nuts to bird the river and even more nuts to go out to East Canada Lake and stand where the icy air races down the lake, rakes its claws over you, and hustles off to the east.

But, yes, I AM nuts.

Cute little Buffleheads

How else would I get to see a dozen Common Loons fishing together on one lake?

However, I have to say, brrrrrrrrrr.....I think I got a little hypothermic out there today.

Every day is April Fools Day this year


A. Montgomery said...

I agree, you gotta be crazy, but obviously having a good time. Love you. Mom

Terry and Linda said...

I hope spring comes for you soon!

threecollie said...

Mom, we did have a great time! Even Ralph said he had a lot of fun driving around up in the wilds of Stratford and seeing so many loons at once. Love you!

LInda, looks as if we may see some sun on Saturday. I am so ready for is like November here. Ugh.

Jonna said...

I must admit, you have been putting my birding to shame. I can't get myself out there in this cold weather. Our Spring looks like it might be here this afternoon. I hope it goes your way soon!

threecollie said...

Jonna, it has been so nasty this year! Our local guy says this is the coldest April on record! Still, the storms have dumped a lot of cool migrants in our laps, so it feels worth it to get chilblains. lol