Monday, October 21, 2019

I know you Love

All those wonderful research links....or maybe not, but I do like to share them. This week's Farm Side is about farmers in several countries, including our own, getting irritated, and those silly "extinction rebellion" kiddies and their misguided protests.

Without further ado....

Dutch Tractor Protest and the worst rush hour ever.

Pics of thousands of tractors filling highways.

Angry Farmers

The French are flaming mad ticked off too.

Rally to Stop the Stealin'.

Even if you don't love research links, there is some interesting reading at these links as I can attest, having been perusing them since long before that faint light, now staining the eastern horizon, made its appearance. 


Terry and Linda said...

You are an outstanding photographer!

Jan said...

I have little sympathy for protesters, the tractor go slo is a definite exception. I love them.

threecollie said...

Thank you, Linda, I am really enjoying this little camera

Jan, I feel the same way. The extinction kiddies are not directly affected by the things they are protesting except in their tiny brains. Farmers on the other hand are ruled by people who know far less than they do.