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Wednesday, October 21, 2020

That Website we love to Hate


You know the one I mean, where everyone socializes and reads the news and plays the games...

Yeah, as you are naturally aware they changed the look of the site not long ago. In a word it stinks, and no, that is not the word I would use if I were less polite.

So someone invented a nifty browser plug-in that kept the old look. It was great and I used it gleefully.

And yet the site that shall not be named spent time and effort to make that plug in fail. Yeah, forced people who hate what they did to use the new look whether they want to or not.

Personally I think they actually want to drive people away rather than let them discuss certain news events and stories comfortably. Especially those horrible Boomers.....kids have moved along to other things already. But those Boomers are bitter clingers....

Think about it.....The site owners have enough money. They don't need more. But they do need to push their agenda any way they can. And, yes, I can get you a tinfoil hat just like mine if you need one....just ask.

Meanwhile the folks who wrote the plug-in are working on making it work again.

And despite being a political beast I have been spending a LOT more time outdoors getting the gardens ready for winter and watching for Evening Grosbeaks. Irruption year ya know. I highly recommend the great outdoors as a source of mitigation of modern life.


Terry and Linda said...

Sometimes I just HAVE to get outside. Inside starts to make me feel trapped. Yes, GO OUTDOORS IT's LOVELY!

threecollie said...

Linda, your outdoors is so beautiful!

Ontario Wanderer said...

I am out between 4 and 6 hours most days; sometimes longer. Meanwhile, I do spend too much time on the computer and iPhone. Wanting to read more, play my guitar again, do some painting, sculpture, etc. Too many interests and too little time. Meanwhile, the fence needs mending again, Buckthorns and Autumn Olives need cutting down, etc. etc.

threecollie said...

OW, I so enjoy your photos and lists of what you see and hear outdoors!