Friday, February 24, 2017

The Song of my People

Won't you sing with me? A-B-C-D...arf arf Pull me along. Pet me.
Little creeper! I dug it out and Liz is going to dispose of it away

I was taking the dogs out just before sunrise. Mack the terror races around even on the porch. He would make a great barrel horse, so small a circle can he make. This morning his rummaging assault on all things porch-bound was accompanied by the weirdest music.

Sound track for a rat hound or something.

For a minute I thought I had somehow acquired a new ringtone on my phone. Who would be calling me so early and what was that awful music?

But, no, it was one of the many noisy toys Peggy has stashed here and there around the place, singing me a song of small people. Evidently it is terrier-triggered and does not feel safe there under the cooler where it is hiding.

All I can say is ACK.

Thursday, February 23, 2017

The Really Big Pigeon

The spring blackbirds are all back, Brown-headed Cowbirds, Common Grackles, and Red-winged Blackbirds....the sky just rings with their calls. Yesterday was such a great day for getting out and seeing what was happening that I opened the Sitting Porch and went out there sit....

It was great! Warm, breezy, birdy... I was training the binoculars on the river, while snatching glances at the flyway over the Horse Pasture, watching for blackbirds and checking out ducks and geese.

Plop, something landed just to my left. There were pigeons on the steeple, I figured that they had been eating well.

Plop! Plop

Dang! Whatchu been eatin' Botat?

It kept happening. I kept watching the river.

Finally a faint giggling reached my ears. 

Far from overfed pigeons, the culprit was the guy above, throwing little snowballs to get my attention. He wanted to see if I wanted to ride down to the river to see what might be down there. I did. We did. Nothing stirring....but wow, that was a really huge pigeon! Not to mention an awful wise guy.

Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Great Grey Owl

This has been a big winter for rarities in the Adirondacks, what with the Ross's Gull at Tupper Lake, and now some Great Grey Owls at Massena.

And no, I didn't see any of these birds.

However, there is a Great Grey on my life list just the same. Back when my next younger brother was finishing up college in Ft. Collins, CO, my significant other at the time and I went out with my truck to bring his stuff home.

I had never been so far west before...and haven't since..and it was quite an adventure, fraught with flat tires, and high altitude, which is not the friend of the old Chevy carburetor, and many other interesting phenomena.

Not the least of these were the birds. We saw Magpies, Golden Eagles, Steller's Jays. Grey Jays, Clark's Nutcrackers and one morning at dawn, a Great Grey Owl.

Alas, I didn't even have my glasses on, just got up from the camp bed in the back of our truck and peeped out the window to see him roosting on the picnic table right next to us. He was so different from anything I had seen or imagined at the time that it took me all day to get him ID'd. What a great bird! I don't need photographs because he is imprinted forever on my brain.


I was in the living room yesterday, talking on the phone with our boy....when I heard from the kitchen the sounds of the auxiliary family coming home...Peggy laughing, boots stomping, sheep blatting....

Wait! Sheep? Or lambs really. I'd know that shrill cry anywhere. But there were no lambs a few minutes ago....

We quickly disconnected and I hurried to the kitchen to find two bum lambs that were given to the kids yesterday. Peggy was ecstatic, dancing and singing and laughing.

The lambs were less so, exploring, little hoofs banging on the floor, bawling, and piddling all over the place.

They are now down at the barn, which works for me, even if it is less to Peggy's taste in lifestyles....just file it all under never a dull moment....this time I am innocent in the whole livestock in the kitchen thing.

Monday, February 20, 2017


Got up the nerve to call our accountant and explain that my lifeline in all things bookkeeping is no longer here to save me and I don't know what to do. How to fix the mess I make of the books each year......It is a terrible thing to have to be practical when you have lost one of your dearest friends, but alas, taxes still loom and somehow I must do this alone this year.

I talked to a really nice lady who understood and suggested bringing in a backup copy of my books for her to go over.

So Becky and I are printing off bank statements that I seem to have lost...I'm not completely alone I guess....and piling papers together. I have been stalling...and stalling....and stalling.....

And being sad, yeah, that too. I will miss the days....I already miss them....of talking in the driveway on bookkeeping breaks...we were always so busy that if we didn't have work to bring us together we would never have seen each other.... enjoying the birds and the sun, things that were much more fun than talking taxes. I miss saving things and thinking, 'she will need this, and she will need that'. Being tidier than is my nature to make the job a little easier when we finally got down to it.

Miss phone calls that may have been infrequent but always lasted for hours, while we took on the troubles of the world. Miss having my friend in the back of my mind, pretty much all the time. Whenever we spoke we always said, "I think of you every day."

And it was true. Sometimes we kept in touch via this blog...she liked to read it and we would talk about blog stuff when we did find a minute.

It's been a little over two weeks now. Two minutes. Two lifetimes. Too much to think about but I seem to have no choice. Guess I had better get busy piling papers.