Monday, August 03, 2015

Making Hay while the Sun Shines

The boss is mowing some hay today, gambling that the thunderstorms that might pop up this afternoon will miss us.


I don't blame him a bit. It is getting late in the year; the days are getting shorter, which allows fewer hours of sunshine to dry the crop. The dew is heavy these days too, and often lies until after noon. 

As you can see above, Alan is pretty quick at getting bales off though, which is a tremendous help. They got three loads yesterday.


It was a picture perfect hay day. However, at one point a bale got stuck in the deflector and caused some problems.

It just happened that I was trying to get a video of bales coming off the elevator when it bound up, so no harm was done. 

I grabbed my shepherd's whistle and managed to get Alan's attention way up behind the barn before any chains were broken or motors burned out.

I do love that sheep dog training whistle, and even though I have no sheepdogs any more, I am never without one. 

I did get a few seconds of one bale falling, but it was so dark and dusty that it isn't much. Multiply it by several hundred though.....

Climbing up to fix stuff

This goes fast 
I love the sound of the paddles turning over on the big elevator that goes up to the window (you can hear it in the video). When it is clacking away like that you know that everything is working as it should and feed is getting put away right.

Got the Blues

Early morning walk yesterday just to have a look around. We seem to have the blues.

You have to look closely...maybe click and enlarge,
but there are three adult male Indigo Buntings hanging around the diskbine here

Two in this one

And one.....

I went over to the barnyard with the exact purpose of looking for Indigo Buntings. I knew there had been a pair there all summer. Yesterday morning though, the foxtails were full of them. I saw at least three adult males and another bunch of females and youngsters. I know these photos aren't the greatest. They are very shy and I had to sneak up behind the skid steer even to get them..... but if you look closely.....

Chicory provided bits of fallen sky. Nice accents among the Queen Ann's Lace.

And then there was that leftover Blue Moon. It got stuck for a while on the old lightning rod before it set behind the heifer barn.

Later in the day much hay was made....bears crocheted....machines repaired...oil changes enacted and dust produced on roads and in mows. Our boy had to climb out on the cross mow elevator to dislodge a sticky bale. That is never fun.

The morning though, was like a stained glass window in shades of blue and calm and soft and serene. I sure enjoyed it.

Sunday, August 02, 2015

Becky's Baby Bears

Which she taught herself to crochet via YouTube videos....are a big hit with the younger set. The yarn for this one was provided by a dear friend out in the middle of the country. Purple ones are growing even as Peggy enjoys Pinky here. 

Places of the Heart

View from the back seat

Our boy took me out scouting fields yesterday on his quad. We stopped to see what the boss was doing with one of the hay wagons...cannibalizing a hub off an old derelict one to get this functional one back in business.

Will the old one fit?

Then we went to some of the back fields to see what the hay looks like. Some is pretty good. Some is pretty awful. It is all pretty though.

It was a nice ride. I love to get a chance to see all the way back fields without hiking up all those hills, although I do walk as far as the 30-Acre Lot pretty much every week, and back to Hickory Tree Field and the Old Spreader Field pretty often.

Friday, July 31, 2015


For the Zombie Apocalypse. 

We'll get the vampires first!

And you know what? As I watch the world being sucked ever-downward in a spiral of junior high school drama, no substance, no sense, I wonder if being prepared for some kind of apocalypse might not be a bad idea.

I try to keep things cheerful here, but I sure have seen some crazy stuff this week. Seriously, has everyone lost their values completely? Don't look for me to get all worked up over that infamous large carnivorous kitty cat that perished a world away from here. I didn't know him personally and neither did the loonies who think he was the Messiah.

They believe that they did though and I guess that's all that matters.

Meanwhile we had a marvelous crop of garlic...bloodsucking undead need not apply at Northview Farm. I need to find somewhere other than the kitchen to hang the three braids we made though. The place smells like a pizzeria...not a bad thing, but a little goes a long way.

Keep confuses the heck out of them. 

The aliens landed while we were looking the other way, worrying about silly stuff.
The pods were left behind and will hatch any day now.

Thursday, July 30, 2015



I have always somewhat disrespected Daisy....not that I wasn't fond of her or anything....but..... 

We got her because of the cute factor...and because she had eaten some turkeys that were off limits and was facing eviction from her premises....

For the two years that she has lived here I have tended her faithfully. Tending faithfully is in a farmer's heart.... I found dog food she can eat and a way she can eat it.

Never saw such a dog for digestive difficulties. For two years, twice a day, a third of can of minced chicken Pedigree mixed with ample water has been usually works...she is generally okay. Her housebreaking is pretty shaky. No biggie...she is small and so are her "accidents". She is however, confined to the kitchen.

After half a lifetime with herding dogs....they live to serve and protect and be partners...her independence was a barrier to us being buddies of the heart. I didn't blame her a bit. She had no reason to trust a hounds tend to go their own way anyhow.

Not that I haven't always liked her, quite a lot in fact...I'm a doggy person, and she is certainly a dog, albeit in a pretty small package...but she was never quite a border collie. With a border collie there is an intense sensation of minds that are tied invisible bond of cooperation and love and the will to work..I haven't found it with any other dogs, but if you have BCs you know what I mean. You can feel their brains there, reaching out to link with yours...a bond like no other. I still want another one....

Then one day she convinced us to let her get the mouse in the dining room. Ten minutes and it was dispatched and delivered.

Second mouse. Ditto.

The plague of chipmunks and bunnies on the porches and the garden was next. She made them her life's work right after I pointed them out to her.

 I don't think she has caught any yet, but not for lack of effort.

I am proud of her. She weighs about ten pounds and isn't much more than a hand and a half high at the withers.

She is eight, and has many health problems related to a hard life and being a double dapple dachshund with all that implies. She can barely see out of her too-small blue eyes.

That does not stop her from being a hunter.

This morning she was out, slowly making her way up the big back lawn to where the deer are eating Liz's garden. I think she is kind of tired after an insane cracker dog session last night when I was making much of her, and it is hot...but she is still game.

This is not a place where dogs can run unsupervised. Besides the Thruway, the state highway, the coyotes, owls, and foxes, there are leash laws. However, I suspect that if I did just let her run, the chipmunks and bunnies would be forced to take their business elsewhere.

I never expected to have a hunting dog, but I do. Good girl, Daisy.