Saturday, February 28, 2015

Sunday Stills.....Action

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Chores and Birds

The kids are off to the NY Farm Show with Peggy, so the boss and I took the morning to clean out the ashes from the wood stove.

We have had pretty good wood this winter, so there weren't a terrible lot, but they were very dense. It was hard to dig them out. I don't like the way I have lost muscle since we sold the cows. Arthritis makes it hard to keep as strong as I used to be.

Found a weird knob in the palm of my hand the other day and an odd little red spot. I was showing it to Alan and worrying about what it might be, when he discovered that he had one too, in the exact same place.

The penny dropped. It's from carrying the milking machines around the's right where the hook end of the cane that holds the milker rests in the palm. 

Huh, never noticed it before and it has to have been that way for decades.

Anyhow, with Peggy not home it was okay to let the house get kind of cold while we did the stove housekeeping chores. Now there is a bright new fire taking hold and soon some dry oak will be burning to get a good new bed of coals going.

They had promised us a 35 degree day today, so we planned this all week, looking for the best day to do it. Alas, as usual, they rescinded that forecast and we will be lucky to get into the twenties, but it's done anyhow so it's all good.

I fear that we have lost a lot of birds this winter though. So far we found one dead White-throated Sparrow and one Chickadee and saw a White-throated with a lot of junk frozen into its tail feathers that probably didn't survive. Also a one legged female Cardinal.

This has just been the worst winter for the poor things that I have ever seen. We used to feed just enough to get a few birds to stop in so we could watch them. Now they wait outside the door for us, seeming to be starving, and we feed a couple of times a day. 

Most of what they might eat in the way of grass seeds and such is under feet and feet of snow. The Turkeys have been spending weeks in the burdocks up in the old pasture, pulling the plants down and eating the seeds.

Still, this morning both Chickadees and Tufted Titmice were singing spring songs....and the sun is just lovely.....haven't seen a Carolina Wren in at least ten days though....

Tuesday, February 24, 2015


It was so windy yesterday that it blew the birds right off the log the boss brought me down to use as a table feeder. 

I had just tossed out the afternoon sunflower seeds.

A cloud of brown sparrows and crimson Cardinals had descended almost instantly to try to eat, when woosh, they were all swept away by the wind.

And then I saw it. A White-throated Sparrow was trying to fly to the log. The wind was so strong that it caused him to fly backwards for several feet, although flapping mightily.

It was weird. I mean, he wasn't exactly a hummingbird but he was moving backwards while flying forward.

He was smart though. When the wind swept him over the feeder, he just folded his wings and let it dump him right on it.

Later I attempted to look up into the honey locust to try to see which branch is grinding so ominously. The wind lashed snow crystals into my eyes, which sent me stumbling into the house in defeat. Couldn't see a thing.

Weather...we got it....but it doesn't mean we have to like it.

Monday, February 23, 2015

Walking and Tracking

Bunny trails

Jetsam, the mysterious disappearing cat

Diamond wants to come IN!

Ancient fruit in years and so.....

These tracks were made by a grey squirrel....really they were

Summer arrived yesterday. I don't know how warm it actually got...above twenty at least...but we were shedding layers like a maple sheds leaves in October.

So I went for a walk. Without snowshoes the walking is limited to where the guys have plowed but it was good to feel the sun for a few minutes.

This morning it is pretty cold again, but it is still, so it isn't too awful out. 

Sunday, February 22, 2015

Sunday Stills...Green River

Will you settle for a green creek?
A favorite place to play when we were kids

Howsa about a green lake?

Green creek?

Green spring near a river? Manatee Springs right off the lovely Suwanee

Here is an explanation of this week's challenge from Ed, "Time for another musical challenge, this week it's from Credence Clearwater Revival waaaay back in 1969, its a great song. So, for the challenge its all about either the color green or rivers or a combination of both."

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