Friday, August 01, 2014


Got rain? Why, yes, or at least yesterday we did

They caught the people who...allegedly....shot up our neighbor's tractor.

Now if they can just find our other neighbor's baler.

First Day on the New Feet

Over the Mountain

And Through the Woods

Past the Feeder Wagon

Hey, I'm Getting Good

Ma-a-a-a, Hey, Ma-a-a-a-a

I'm Right Here, Shut Your Pie Hole

Thursday, July 31, 2014

Picking Wet Beans

Baby turkeys

Is frowned upon because of the potential to spread disease to the plants. However, there was no choice yesterday. There were so many ripe and no promise of any dry weather to come. At least most of them were more or less dry and there sure were a lot of beans. I filled my two biggest bowls, and there is another big piece of row to go.

I just ran out of steam. Today we will process and freeze them.

Hoping strongly that the curled leaves on the tomatoes in the upper garden are not caused by late blight. If they are, kiss that crop goodbye. Seems we only get good tomatoes maybe one year in three, even if I plant them in new, clean ground.

Ida Red

Oh, well, I put in some more lettuce yesterday as the first crop is almost gone. You can grow a lot of lettuce in a small barrel or flower pot and it gets a lot less buggy that way. I should probably think about starting a couple of pots indoors too. I always wait too late and we are without lettuce for a while in the fall.

Not much else going on. Haying is very slow because of the relentless rain. C'mon now, it does not have to rain four days a week on my account. Or even two. Although the whole green-as-Ireland thing is very beautiful this summer, there are a lot of farmers desperately trying to get their crops in.

It could let up for a bit....just sayin'

Vitis Riparia

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

See What I Mean?

I know, I know, these are not beans, but believe me, there are beans out there.....

Garden Gathering

Monday rain

After a morning flurry of writing, bookkeeping, housework and similar routine, I ventured out to the lower garden to pick some stuff for salad for supper yesterday

Tuesday clearing

Um, yeah, the beans are ripe. Romano beans, yellow beans, burgundy beans. There are a lot of them.

Guess we will be working on filling the freezer for winter, if it dries off enough to pick. 

After evidently being blown down by the wind, the squash is once again upright
First little crookneck picked for last night's salad

Bama is still keeping us waiting, although a check a few minutes ago revealed a certain pensive look, and restless shifting that may augur something.....maybe....she is sure bagged up nice and doesn't look bad for an older cow.

Meanwhile, the turkeys are growing pretty well, the laying pullets look quite nice, the chicks and poults down in the brooder are getting feathers, the red-tailed hawks up in the heifer woods are up to something...they scream and skirl all day. 

Miss Peggy picking out a piggy on her farm girl blankie

And the indigo bunting is singing..all day too..and even after dark...up on the wire by the northwest corner of the house.

Just another Paradise.

Monday, July 28, 2014

Bama Update

Bama still has not calved. I am wondering if she has a bull in there....I don't think she has ever had a bull before, so I guess she is due. Not enjoying the waiting though.

She really wants to go back to pasture and tends to sleep by the barnyard gate in hopes, I guess, that someone will open it and let her go out there. It is a big pasture though, and with only three head grazing it the grass is very, very thick and tall. She is a pretty old cow and we don't want her calving out there at the mercy of the coyotes, which are, as always, plentiful.

Storm World

Zipper, one of the beef steers we are raising. if he had been a heifer,
he would have made a show calf, and a nice one.

Another set of thunderstorms churned the valley like a blender last night.

The lightning was blindingly enthusiastic and the thunder rolled, and rumbled and grumbled for what seemed like hours.

Made for a restless, not good sleeping night, and did something...or something did my squash patch. One plant is all twisted up and tipped over and another doesn't look too good. Dagnabbit. That squash looked fantastic....yesterday....

But alas, he was a bull