Sunday, November 23, 2014

Sunday Stills....Light my Fire

This time of year at chilly Northview, a good fire in the wood stove is one of the most important things going on. Thanks, boss for keeping us warm!

For more Sunday Stills...

Saturday, November 22, 2014

They were Probably Harmless

It's all about the turkeys

The boss doesn't sleep much.....or at least not at one time.

Thus last night at midnight he was struggling with his TV....set top box is old and worn out and he really should get it replaced....and wide awake in the living room.

It was Friday, and sometimes Fridays mean Alan coming home, although he is actually working through this weekend down in DC.

But still....we never really know....

Thus when he saw headlights coming up the driveway, at first he was happy rather than alarmed.

But then the beams from flashlights started sweeping across the living room ceiling and he knew something was wrong.

He went to the back door to discover complete strangers wandering around the yard with flashlights.....merrily snooping at will.....

He was not happy. We are quite some ways from the road, up a twisting, rough old driveway. We have signs at the bottom to repel uninvited boarders, of which we get more than our share. It is not an inviting place for midnight perambulation...yet there they were, right by our car and the kids' trucks.

Supposedly they were looking for dogs missing from down in town. Brindle dogs, so I am thinking pit bulls....

So they just trundled right up the driveway, past the two, yes two, sets of posted signs to start searching the yard.

They were treated to a taste of the boss mad, an event which, once experienced, is not something you want to repeat.

Myself, I would have called the police on them, dogs or no dogs. In fact I have the non emergency number for the sheriff memorized in case I need it. However, I never even woke up.

Maybe they were just trying to give that guinea hen from yesterday a run for her money in the fastest hamster wheel competition and really were looking for dogs. Maybe they had something else in mind.....whatever..... long before this I had taken to re-locking the doors when I get up before the rest of the world and after I walk our dog. And nagging about bringing in keys, and locking up cars, and putting tools away.

If there were dogs I hope they find them. If there were no dogs I am glad the boss was awake and vigilant. And either way I hope they never come back.

And btw, the guinea hen turned herself in to the poultry authorities early yesterday morning, and put herself right back in the coop. She is now safely down in the barn with the rest of the flock.

Friday, November 21, 2014

There's One in Every Flock

The boys of summer leave in the fall

Night before last what was probably a weasel killed the last white guinea keet. Well, really they aren't keets anymore, but not quite full grown either.

Now, how did I get up here...and how do I get down?

Thus Liz moved the rest of them to the big chicken coop and Laura and her rooster to the peacock coop.

Except for this one. If turkeys have the reputation for not being likely candidates for Mensa, it is guinea fowl which come right from the factory devoid of anybody home upstairs but a rapidly whirling hamster on crack.

Programmed to panic, so to speak.

This one shot out of the top of the little coop when Liz lifted the roof panel, like a bean out of a pea shooter shot by a tornado.

Oh, no, here comes the person who raised me from the egg and fed me every day
Flee, flee I tell you, flee!!!!

I was upstairs picking up laundry when it hit the window of the room I was in. And clung, frantic, to the crossbar before falling to the porch roof. Then it went up on the big roof.

They chased it, lured it, tried to trap it, all afternoon.

No soap. This is one of the same birds that came running in their little yard, whenever I went out, in case I might stop to feed them drop apples or fallen grapes....the little ingrate....or maybe ingrape. 

And this morning, having somehow evaded foxes and other varmints all night, it is still, not unlike the new mercury light bulbs, not quite bright enough to do its job. Such as roosting in a tree, for Pete's sake.

We have lots of trees.

Oh, well. 

Alas, the turkeys go today and I will miss them, but Thanksgiving dinner was always their fate. More next year I truly hope.

And incidentally, one of my very first blog friends has written a whole bunch of good ones lately. Rather than link to just one post, you could just go check out her whole blog.

Why, yes, that lump out in the snow on the back lawn is the stupidest of domestic fowl
Why do you ask?

Thursday, November 20, 2014

Sunshine all Around

Counting our blessings.

The big storm missed us. I don't think we even got an inch. Lots of prayers for those poor souls who did get nailed..... just a couple hours from here it is really bad.

The barn water thawed so we could do chores in the normal manner this morning. You don't know whatchu got til it's gone.....We were looking at hauling enough for all the stock and to wash the pipeline, so not having to do so brought big smiles.

It is a lot warmer than recent days...see above. The best part is there are hardly any birds coming in. Although I like to see them, when there is a crowd, you know what comes next....a nasty storm.

The boy made it safely to DC...always a big worry for his mama. I was so happy to get that phone call last night that he was there okay.

And the little peanut above brightens the days more than a little, especially when she isn't teething up a storm of her own.

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Christmas in November

Becky bought me a refurbished Nook and gave it to me early. Then B$N gave me five bucks for a free book. I found a lot of other free books too.....

See you next spring. 

Seriously, the thing is beyond cool. I spent yesterday evening figuring out how to use it and reading on that first free book. I chose The Last of the Breed, by Louis L'Amour. We used to have a paperback copy, but I guess we read it to get that sometimes....when you really like a good yarn. 

This particular book is the one Alan was thrown out of study hall for reading because it wasn't "approved". Guess how long it took me to go up to the school and straighten that out....

Anyhow, yesterday was cold, but interesting. We went up to see Mom and Dad and take Dad a slightly belated birthday gift. This morning it is also cold, middle of January, glassy ice, and frozen feet cold, and I don't like it much. Maybe I should curl up with a warm blanket and a nice, cozy Nook.......

First bird today, a large flock of indignant House Finches and a bunch of Gold Finches. Oh, my, they are loud.