Sunday, May 01, 2016

Blow up Dolls

For turkeys. They are eerily realistic! They turn and bob on their fake pink legs turkeys...... 

Mack was terrified of them. He nearly slipped his collar trying to get away from them when I walked him down near them, and then ran headlong into the back door. Crash!

And then we didn't use them anyhow.

See, we went out turkey hunting this morning. Opening day. Really Alan hunted. I tagged along a little and then ended up sitting on a log in the barnyard, as they were right down behind the house, and I am not up for all that creeping and stalking stuff.

It was kinda nice sitting out there listening to the birds and the noises of the poultry from the barn though.

Anyhow, Alan stalked and called, and stalked and called, and there was a good-sized flock of them right out there on the hill. He prolly could have gotten the tom, although it was just a small one, and there are much larger fellows out there somewhere.

And then, wham, a herd of deer ran right through the center of the flock.

Busted. It was starting to rain anyhow, and I had my and binoculars...with me.

It was okay. It is more about the being out early in the day and creeping around in the woods than about needing a turkey anyhow. For me at least. If he gets one I have to cook it.....

And there is no accounting for deer. 

Friday, April 29, 2016

The Mechanic

Oh, noes, the noisy lion toy is broken

I fix it, me

This smells like the right sized wrench

Yep, it is!
Peggy helps her daddy work on machines all the time, handing him tools....making off with tools....and obviously it has rubbed off. BTW, the noisy lion toy from Hell was not broken, but it could have been....many times over the past few days. 

Thursday, April 28, 2016


We haz it. Spring is springing, although setbacks are possible. it has been pretty cold, but that hasn't stopped the Goldfinches from putting on their crayon colors and shining up the place. 

The wind has been tuning it up too. Laundry will dry on the line if you don't mind untangling it every little while....but the clothespins are taking a beating. Seems you can't buy good ones any more so you just have to make do with a lot of junky ones and replace them really often.

I took a little bird walk yesterday evening just to get out of the house. The barn gate was unlocked and open so our log guy could bring in firewood so I went down that way instead of up over the hills as is the norm.

Wow! I pished up a Carolina Wren that nearly hit me in the head. They seem to be using the old cow barn as a base. Two Bald Eagles soared over and then I was treated to a game of Turkey Vulture tag. They are ugly old things, what with their bald, red, heads, and dumpy mess of off-black feathers. On the ground you wouldn't give them a second look, except perhaps to mutter "Ick...."

However, when they fly.... When they swoop back and forth, low among the power wires, banking over the little cliff along the drive. When they maneuver swiftly, up and down, back and forth, passing one another and gliding like swallows....well, it is worth a few minutes down there, just south of river and road, just to enjoy the rural air show.

I was glad I went that way.....a quick trip up the usual back barn road yielded only a handful of birds, but the driveway was teeming.

For those interested in solar arrays on farmland, here is another article.
And still another offering many resources for gathering information before you jump off that particular cliff.

Tuesday, April 26, 2016


Observation tower at Montezuma.
And here I was hoping for a good thunderstorm so I could climb up and bird.

The Farm Side is done....this week it's about the farm bashing billboard/EPA funding controversy and 3-D food printing. Had fun researching the food part.....

It is raining, pretty hard....I guess we need it, as even the lettuce hasn't germinated yet.... I was about ready to start watering it. On the other hand, Liz sold some plants I started, over at the livestock swap, for good money. I wanted to get out and pot some more up today, but I guess that will have to wait. She got fifteen bucks apiece for jade plants and people didn't even quibble! I have jade starts all over the place. Heck they fall off and try to root themselves in the living room carpet.

I also have volunteer Egyptian Walking Onions and Garlic Chives all over the yard. Actually need to redo a whole flower bed that has been taken over by the chives......I am thinking I may just work on the sitting porch.....

But then again, it's only 38 degrees out there, and we have the heat going full blast. Maybe it would be a good day to catch up on book work. 

Yesterday we lost the boss. 

For a while anyhow. He took Becky to work and never came back, which would have been fine, except that he had Alan's coat in the car with him...they went racing the other night....and Alan's wallet was in his coat.

He had to be in DC at 6 PM to start working the night shift. He looked everywhere for his dad. We called everyone we could think of. We posted on Facebook for folks to be on the lookout. No Ralph. And then I took the Mackster out and looked across to the cow barnyard to see the car and a truck right over there....he was over there  looking at some work we need done. We are going to get him a cell phone this weekend!

Going through the photos from Saturday I added American Wigeon to the list. Got to get that gull ID'd now. Anyhow, stay dry and enjoy all that bright green grass. A farmer friend from northern NY shared a photo from his tractor of his family doing field snow.....