Friday, April 18, 2014

Another One

And another one.

Buried tractors that is.

The boss has been rounding up old, derelict machinery for disposal.

Been doing pretty good too, for one guy working alone, with everything else that is going on.

Then it all went south. The JD 4430 slid off the hard ground and buried its butt deep in a rut, with an 892 chopper firmly in tow. With no other tractor, there was no way to get it out.

Enter a kind neighbor who brought his tractor up to pull it out. And got stuck.

So he brought his other tractor up to get them both out.

And then they had to use the skid steer too. Yeah, it is the worst kind of muddy here....the frost going out of the ground, raining, snowing, wet since last year kind of muddy.

Glad the chopper was about the last thing to be dragged down here.

Glad we have nice neighbors.

Glad I was in the house waiting to take yet another meeting and didn't have to go play in the mud too. 

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Throwback Thursday

I talked to this young man last night until almost midnight. Nice visit about the birds, botany, and dialect of the area where is is working now. He has a mean ear for an accent and should fit right in.

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Snow in April daffs here yet
Kind of a bewildering betrayal, especially coming on the heels of eighty-degree weather. It really felt like spring for a while there. Still, this is to be expected in the wilds of Upstate.

We button up the barn again.....not being neophytes to the vagaries of spring in NY, we hadn't stripped things down any farther than to pull down a couple tarps off fans, and crack a few doors.

No biggie to put it all back the way it was.

Since the weather prognosticators got it right this time, the boss has already brought in extra firewood. Extra blankets on the beds. Long johns washed but not put away. (Wouldn't that be folly!)

 Bama's day out the other day....six or seven luscious hours in the barnyard, soaking up sun and gobbling up hay...are just a memory now. We let her out and not Moon so they wouldn't fight and knock each other down. Still pretty slippery even with most of the snow and ice gone. Now she is back in her stall, safe from the weather and warm.

 Spring, it makes a young man's fancy turn to thoughts of love, and an old man's fancy turn to thoughts of homemade spaghetti and meatballs with lots of good Parmesan cheese on top.

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Can You See Him?

I went out the other night to try to get a photo of the woodcock. No luck there. By the time I went in the house for the camera he had stopped peenting.

I did however, get a magnificent shot of a distant cow flop. In the dusky dimness, just before the sun set, it looked like a bird....really it did. Maybe an odd duck. No, wait, that was the photographer*. I deleted that puppy darned quick I can tell you. Talk about embarrassing.

Anyhow, as I came down across the bowling green I saw this wild beast rampaging in the brush in the old horse pasture.

Can you see him?

Is he a stag? A wild horse? A, wait, see above*. 

Or could he be a manifestation of imagination springing from the roots of a wild rose encampment?

What's your best guess?

Rainy Night in NY

We missed the eclipse because it was pouring last night. And because we were asleep, which is a tremendous hindrance to successful photography.

However, we didn't miss the advent of real spring. It was here this morning when we went out. Oh, I know we are returning to wind and rain and even the dreaded "s" word, starting tonight and lingering who knows how long. However, that little rain brought red buds to the maples across the river, green to all the hillsides, and blooms to the wild plum trees. The air is fragrant with it, the birds are frenzied with it, and it puts bounce in our steps and vigor in our plans.

Not much else exciting going on....just year end book work and new career set up. The boy is way down south, having driven through the season yesterday, starting here where it is barely beginning to green and the box elders are just showing first bud, to green grass and cherry blossoms and loads of mockingbirds everywhere.


I know I couldn't begin to do his job, but I envy his proximity to the ocean, the presence of real, honest to sunshine spring, and the amazing birds he must be seeing.

I suspect that while we are piling the layers of sweatshirts back on, he will be slathering on sunblock and sporting a tee.

Monday, April 14, 2014

How Sweet it Is

The back porch where we keep the barn boots is abuzz with Carolina wrens. Such noise! Such drama! I cut a porthole in the plastic over the screen door the other day, in order to be able to look out when it is warm, but not lose all its insulation and wind break value when it gets cold again.

I thought they were complaining about a cat and so shut off the inside light so they wouldn't see me and tiptoed over to see what was causing the commotion.

No cat. Just love in the air. She is perched on an old bar of metal outside the window. He is flying in and out of the porch with a bit of some sort of fluff, trying to convince her that the half-built nest inside the hard hat is a condo on the beach. 

She is looking at him like he is nuts and nattering about moving to Nantucket.

Such wealth! Not only did the silly things survive the winter, but they are setting up housekeeping ten feet from my kitchen sink. 

Did I mention that they are loud? He is alternating between something like the buzz of a distant jack hammer and the beeping of a backhoe in reverse. They make me laugh.

Pretty Horses

Ralph's son and daughter-in-law and their delightful daughter (Grandbaby fix...we saw both grandbabies the same day!!!) took us to visit a local horse farm on Saturday. There were lovely foals and handsome mares everywhere we looked.

The owner was gracious enough to let me use these photographs from our day of visiting the thoroughbred farm, where the 2003 Derby and Preakness winner, Funnycide, was born.

It was great fun to try to capture good shots of the antics of the babies....of course I missed more than I managed, but you can see how entertaining they are.....Thanks guys.

One of the stallions