Thursday, July 02, 2015

Now, if only I can hold onto this

We are supposed to get a little stretch of good weather, starting today. Maybe....I don't trust the gurus, as, once it starts raining like it has been, the air just keeps sucking up water over the ground and dumping it back down on us.

However, we will take it if we can get it

The doe and fawn on the hill the other day came right down to the horse barn day before yesterday. This is about the length of the outstretched honey locust tree...were it to lie down....or maybe even a little less from the house.

It is also about thirty feet from the garden, which is still being mauled by bunnies. I put out fabric softener sheets and they thought those were so nifty they started stealing them.

Prolly some real sweet scented bunny nests out there.... aluminum foil pans on strings going up today. Shoulda put them up a week ago, but it has just been so rainy and cold I have hated to go in the garden for fear of spreading disease among susceptible plants.

Otherwise, it is all catching up paper work and packing for camp. Every single year I put my packing list away where I can find it and then forget where I put it. Last year I let Beck in on the secret, but she forgot too. Guess I put camp away in a quiet closet in my mind and only take the memory out when things get to be too much....

Anyhow, we are busily adding to yet another new list and taking care of business......Only six months filing to do....going on seven.

Oh, well, maybe it will keep me off of Facebook, which instead of sporting cute pictures of kitties and pretty cows, has become a septic tank of outrage and ignorance.

Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Missing the Boat

Japan has at least fifty words for rain.

Hawaii has even more.

As do the Welsh.

Considering the weather here I think we may be missing the boat on this.......and no one wants to be missing their boat with all this coming down. I am thinking we maybe should bring the canoe down from the shed and park it in the dining room.....just in case. I already dug the paddles out of the closet.

What I mean to say is that we need to come up with more words for rain to serve us here in the eastern and central parts of the US.

It's all very well to list downpour, drizzle, deluge, mist, fog, steady, intermittent, may be heavy at times, torrential and all, but somehow these are not enough. 

I think that we need to hit the shift key and amalgamate some of those uppercase symbols on the top row of the keyboard into all new words with which to express our feelings about rain.

Meanwhile, Ooame, pakaku, go away...and don't let the door hit you in the backside on your way out. We have enough cats and dogs inside without them falling from the sky for a month, thank you.

Looking out my Back Door

Looking out my back door

Sorry for skipping days. The rain and cold kinda get me down. This has been one of the wettest Junes in history. We need to make hay to pay the infernal property tax. We can live on our other income...we are pretty frugal folks....but the taxes we have to pay to keep on farming are pretty steep.

You cannot make hay in the rain. At least no flooding so far this year.

Great Spangled Fritillary right on the back step

However, there is always a bright side. You can see deer and fawns pretty much every day without leaving the yard. Foxes. Bunnies with a predilection for beans and peas. I hung some fabric softener sheets on strings out in the pea patch and laid down a big swath of mulch between the brushy fence line and the veggies.

Time will tell if this will work.

The robins and catbirds are planting mulberries
I wonder if they think they will grow here.

I think there was a deer eating mulberries yesterday when I went out to walk Daisy. Something coughed right under the trees...about ten feet from me...and then the bushes rustled and parted as if something large was in there. The touch-me-not is already tall enough to hide a deer. It loves this weather.

Deer path going through our hedgerow to the housing development next door
Although we do not love this weather...and that is putting it mildly, there is always something of interest and delight right outside the door. If I could speak crow I would be getting quite and earful right now in fact.

And speaking of crows. If you want to see...and hear...a small flock of Fish Crows, the parking lot of the Gloversville Tractor Supply has them, along with a mess of Ring-Billed Gulls. Their caw is very distinct from that of the American Crow that is more common here. Sounds kind of like a cartoon! You'll know it when you hear it.

Sunday, June 28, 2015

The Climate in Upstate NY

There's trees in them thar hills. And brush. And swamps and bears and rocks.

Never mind the rain. Everyone is tired of talking about it, thinking about it, and living with it.

What I mean is the kind of atmosphere that exists when two very terrible men have been running loose for weeks and no one knows how to deal with such a thing. You can lock up and look out and hope they catch them, but you really never know.

Since the break out from Dannemora Prison has even made Fox News (where much of the discussion was so wrong as to be absurd....guess they don't realize just how wild it is up here) I'm sure you know what I mean.

We are quite some distance away, but everyone knows someone involved in this. Liz used to inspect five farms up there so she knows folks....and old friends from long ago still live there.....and we have had this on our minds. NY is a big state, but Upstate is a small community, no matter how many people live here.

I guess this has been on  everyone's else's minds too. 

Beck and the boss were over at the Dollar Store yesterday picking up some spaghetti sauce and stuff. The boss called me to be sure of the brand.

Just as he did, I saw the news on Facebook that one of the escapees had been shot by police. I told him and he mentioned it to the people near him in the store.

As word spread up and down the aisles, cheering broke out. People shook their fists and said, "Yeah!" Someone ran outside and hollered across the street with the news.

There was much relief.

I don't think of it as bloodthirsty or wrong headed either. People have been scared of these guys...and still are of the one who is left. When even a man's own family is relieved that he is no longer a threat to them, you can hardly blame people for being glad.

The sooner they catch the other one the better.

And, just about five minutes after I posted this comes the news that they did!

Good job!

Sunday Stills....Tall Buildiings

For this week's challenge, Ed asked for buildings over four stories. Around here those are pretty scarce on the ground, so I am going to get a little creative. What with the cellar and attic and the really high ceilings, we have, in theory, four stories here....add the tower and we should be able to call it over four...with a little stretching.....

Anyhow, I looked up the definition of a story and got just over 10 feet. Since the tower is something like 72' I should be good to go. When we had a roof put on the tower a few years back the company had to bring in extra scaffolding because they didn't have enough to get up there.

For more Sunday Stills.......

Saturday, June 27, 2015

Looking out my Back Door

Through the screen door from where I sit in the kitchen

The mulberry trees are a madhouse of birds and mammals. We have more Robins this year than I imagined were possible in one place. And Catbirds. There are dozens of them too.

A red squirrel showed up the other day and is quite ferocious in screeching and chattering at me whenever I go outdoors. Since the trees overlook the garlic patch, the compost bin and where we park the car....and where I walk the Doodlebop..... he gets quite a lot of vocal exercise.

The Winesap apple tree is working hard

He is joined by one of the several billion chipmunks that have invaded here this summer. The little stripy rat somehow sat right on the end of a branch peering down at me and stuffing berries in his cheek pouches last night when I was looking over our visitors.

Bold little beggar.

I had some fun with one on the sitting porch..... I was potting Abutilon when I heard a rustling very near. I leaned over the railing to find a chippy slipping and sliding up the shiny bark of a new branch of box elder. Upon reaching the top he began to chew and gather leaves at a great rate. I watched for a couple of refills ...

And then....

Boo!! Just because I'm a meany. And because he cleaned out the bird feeder and buried all the seeds in the house plants on the porch, whereupon they all sprouted and made a Godawful mess.

Spooky sky, looking west at sunset

Meanwhile Becky discovered a much larger mammal sneaking mulberries when no one was looking. Jack, the pony, has a couple of trees in his pasture and the other day he was daintily sipping the fruit off the ends of the branches.

Looks as if someone has been polishing the mulberry leaves