Saturday, November 28, 2015

Feedin' da Cowz

Peggy's daddy had this stuffed toy cow, stuck away up at his mother's house.. Yesterday they introduced it to Miss Peggy.

 To say that it was love at first moo would be an udder statement.

This morning she lugged it out to the living room and came out to the kitchen exploring.

And found her mama's pie punkins. I said, "I'll bet your cow is hungry. Why don't you feed her?"

And so she did.

The cow was originally a throw he won at the fair....they stuffed it with pillows at some time along the way...and now we have a happy baby tucking her cow in (That is her very favorite blankie, which is always grubby beyond belief because she bawls when we wash it) and filling her with punkin.

Friday, November 27, 2015

Rootin' Tootin' Shootin'

So while the turkey was browning and celery being chopped, a wounded deer was ended,  pain stopped in his tracks, and a buck tag spent on mercy.

We know his back story, that stout 8-pointer, of the person or persons unknown who shot right over our cows, among which he was standing, while the men worked a few yards away, in the driveway.

With no regard for buildings, or people, or cows, posted signs, or laws, someone took a risky shot, after the legal hours of hunting, and did mortal damage without killing.

Boom. Bad shot.

He was tracked,long hours into the darkness, by someone who actually has a clue, while the authorities hunted for the illegal hunter.

Alas, the buck left for the road, and the hunters hid well.

And then, after five days of what must have been horrible misery...I will spare you the details....he came back and was found....and it is all finished.

You don't want to know the bad parts; he was neither going to live, nor die easily, but it is done.

I am fine with hunting. We eat well because of hunting. But for Pete's sake, you turkeys from town.......there are plenty of deer out there. Don't shoot around farm buildings and animals. That can quickly become a tragedy or a felony. And if you can't hit what you aim at effectively, or won't man up and find your wounded, stay at home with a Bud and a hotdog. There's a TV channel for that.

Thursday, November 26, 2015

Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Under Construction

Tuff Tom says.....

Making the turkey today. Will bone it, chill it, and reheat in gravy tomorrow. That cuts down....marginally...on the madness.

Meanwhile, the back porch is also under construction, and a darned good thing. We wanted to use the existing wall and build around it but when Alan started to work on it, it practically fell off the house. 

Nothing left of it. It's a wonder it didn't fall off on someone's head! So he built a whole new wall on two sides, and caulked and painted and it is gorgeous.

Now the guys are off getting wiring to put an outlet out there and I am making applesauce. And Liz is going to be cooking for her in-laws here too, so,'s a madhouse.

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Thank you, Bird Flu

Most years we buy a fresh turkey when they go on sale, as close to the holiday as possible.

Then we also purchase a frozen one and save it to enjoy later.

Fresh birds were so expensive a week ago we decided to forgo one and buy a frozen one.

What with the army that marches through here every day, we like a big one, over 20 pounds...way over, if that is an option.

The girls went to get me a bird yesterday so it would have time to thaw. However, wherever they went all the large frozen turkeys were already gone. They ended up getting me a fresh one after all, and only just a 20-pounder.

S'okay, at least we have a turkey. And if we didn't we have venison. And beef.

Hope you all have a delightful holiday and not be too tired out when it is over.