Wednesday, January 17, 2018


One of at least two Cooper's Hawks that are hunting the place.
The other is immature, and thus more brown than all these fancy colors

Counting birds, when suddenly all goes silent. Birds melt, some tucking up under the edge of the foundation, some in the Christmas trees that form a windbreak for the ground-feeding birds, some flying off as fast as light.

This bird, a flying appetite, sails over to perch on the big elm by the heifer barn, or in the nearby trees, or even on the roof of the house itself.

I haven't seen it take any prey, but he, or more likely she, as this is a big bird, has left some marks.

There is a Mourning Dove with a ruffled neck and only one tail feather and a White-throated Sparrow with no tail at all.

I have only one question...why, does this hungry predator not eat any and all of the 35 Brown-headed Cowbirds that come in to hoover every single seed off the big feeder and scare all the other birds away?


Saturday, January 13, 2018

TB Ward

Check out the Chihuahua with delusions of grandeur

This place sounds like one. Every single one of the six of us is still coughing and hacking and sneezing and wheezing. We assume that eventually we will all get over it and things will look better. 

Meanwhile I will leave you with a young Amish fellow we saw racing his horses around and around his barnyard. 

No idea whether he was taking a little spin off them before getting out to work, or just having a good time. There was a second pair with some other folks watching as he went dashing through the snow in a two-horse open bob sleigh. They looked pretty awed, as were we.

I much admire his ability to balance, while standing up on a flipping and flying wagon like that....and to steer around all the stuff in that yard while not hitting any of it. Impressive!

Thursday, January 11, 2018

National Milk Day

I am ever so grateful to have grown up in an era when parents and grandparents knew that milk helped build strong bones and healthy bodies, and considered it a necessary part of every meal. Thanks, mom and dad, aunts and uncles, and grandparents in Heaven.....

When we were kids there was always milk in the house, usually Glen and Mohawk, which we called Nelg and Kwahom, because we were just that weird. 

The milk plant where it was bottled was right down in town, and it was readily available in every little store around. When the folks had the antique and book stores in Fonda, the grocery where we bought it was just two doors down the street. Remember Collin's Grocery?

When we moved to the county to the north, where stores were not as handy, we bought milk from an area farmer. I don't recommend drinking raw milk today, unless it is from your own cows and you are confident of its safety and all, but we dipped it right out of the tank in those days and still managed to grow up pretty rugged.

Nowadays, Glen and Mohawk is long gone, but we buy milk from Stewart's two gallons at a time. Since the kids drink milk too, there are usually four gallons in the fridge. Whether it is poured on cereal, sloshed into every single cup of coffee that I drink (and there are many), or served with meals, we drink it every day at pretty much every meal. They look at us funny in restaurants when we order it with meals there too.....

I don't know what we would do without milk, but we sure wouldn't be happy. 

Thank you America's dairy farmers, especially the local folks who supply Stewart's with their award-winning milk. We would get awfully thirsty without you!

Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Winter Hardy

My mom shared this wonderful photo of our boy and my dad on Facebook
From whence I promptly and shamelessly stole it.
Aren't they sweet?

When you go out to walk the dogs without a coat or vest because it feels plenty warm...maybe 35 or 40 degrees....and come inside to find that it is a whopping 12 instead.

That's what a couple of weeks of single digits and foul winds will do. Gonna be in the 40s by week's end. We'll be wearing shorts and drinking Mai Tais. 

Except that, once I saw the temperature, I had to come back inside and get my hoodie......

Doesn't he look a lot like Grandpa now?

Monday, January 08, 2018

I'll save you some time....

A non-electronic dogging device

Looking up information on the new Electronic Logging Device rules for drivers. Working on the Farm Side today and learning a lot.

Below are some links to information I have found:

How the ELD mandate will affect the horse industry.

Giant Step Backward for Animal Welfare

A spot to comment if you have a dog in the fight..... or a pony in the dog and pony show....

Looking Back

Late with the bird feeders this morning...see yesterday's post....and today is a work day, so I got busy on the Farm Side for Friday.

Looked up from the computer to see a Mourning Dove perched on the windowsill looking in at me, craning his neck, and peering all around the kitchen.

"Where is she? Breakfast is always served at just before daybreak. What's going on here anyhow?"

A Blue Jay topped the arbor and a couple of dozen other birds were arrayed on it, under it, and all over the whole back yard.

I like to look out at the winter birds. Who knew that they were looking back?