Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Cotton Candy Clouds

When the baby guinea fowl tuned up late yesterday evening I went right out to check. I pay attention to the alarm calls of the poultry, as they notice hawks and coyotes and other creatures detrimental to their health.

I have no idea what was upsetting them, as they quieted down as soon as I went outdoors...I am thinking maybe there was a skunk, as there is a suspicious odor emanating from under Liz's old pick up truck.

However, thanks to them calling me outdoors, I got to see this wonderful sunset. 

And a big brown bat, all by itself, very high in the sky, fluttering silently south.

It was nice. 

Monday, September 29, 2014

Going, Going, not Quite Gone

Neon Moon, dam of the Morty bull calf
and full sister to the dam of the big heifer

Shipped six animals yesterday. Three steers, two bulls, and a big heifer. 

If anyone is looking for a really well bred Holstein heifer for auction barn prices, she will be up at Hoskings Sales today. She is a Stouder Morty out of a Fustead Emory Blitz. Heifer is not bred, because she was in a pen alone.....and she has horns....so if you buy her you can breed her the way you want her.

If you do happen to buy her we can provide breeding records so she can be registered. Her mother was a really nice cow, which Liz showed for years and years.See pics of mother below......

Dam of the big white Morty heifer we are selling today.
This cow was sired by Blitz, so we called her that even though her name was Mendocino

Blitz Mendocino's udder as a five-year-old cow

One of the bulls shares the exact same pedigree, which is why we never steered him. He is out of the Blitz full sister of the dam of the heifer

She is the big white one with the horns. He is kind of half and half. We told the trucker which one he is so you can find him if you want him.......

We raised these guys since we sold the cows, hoping they will help with our tax bill....so here's hoping. 

The Water Bottle Saga

I want dis

Daddy, I want dis

Gramma, I need dis!

Ooh, I got dis

Sunday, September 28, 2014

Firearms Related Post

Alan got his dad a thirty-thirty for his birthday. He has always wanted one. He got downright choked up with the boy brought it home.

It is a pretty gun....and deer season is coming.

Sunday Stills.....Abandoned

Interesting challenge this week. I meant to get up and take pics of the old truck, but just too busy and too lame...so here is one from archives. And one of an old wheel that is destined to be part of an arbor some day. And one of our old hay loader, which the Amish love to come look at, but never buy.

For more Sunday Stills.....

Saturday, September 27, 2014

Stubborn Cows

Since the boss is off to the auction, and the cows refused to come down to the barn before sunup, I had to go get them. Normally.....normally.....they come pretty well when you call them or whistle for them.

Not today.

I have video proof of their reluctance. You can watch Moon shake her head, NO, when I call her. 

And Marv cavort away all silly and boyish when he hears his name.

And if you were here with me, you could have seen Bama poke, and plod, and plod and poke, coming down last and late and then take her sweet time eating her hay.

Stubborn cows!

He's Back

O' Dark-Thirty in the morning. The boss is off to McFadden's auction today, so it's early chores for the cheap help. It's a fine morning for it, just the same, out here in the owl light of the almost-night.

Mr. Blue is crowing down in the old heifer barn, his deep voice plummy as an English butler and just as authoritative. I walk Daisy to her favorite location and glance up at the heifer hill, wondering if the cows will come down before the boss leaves or if I am going to have to milk them later.

I don't mind Bama. She is a gentle old soul and used to stand in my line anyhow. I have milked her since she had her first calf. 

It's Moon that daunts me, with her shoulders nearly as high as my head, and her feet that like to come my way....and the pipeline where she stands is way too high for me to reach. I dread milking her, although I have done it and will if I have to. Or maybe I can get Jade to do it for me......she doesn't usually kick him.

And as I stand there with my silly little dog, looking over the hillside in the hour before the dawn, there he is, battle flags flying, sword outflung, ready to conquer the season and bring along his army of cold.


Yep, it's fall.

Friday, September 26, 2014

You Asked for It

And yes, she is too little to actually play with these,
but this was set up for the photo.....and she really likes them!

Fun with Fowl

Ooh, I has fashion socks! Hey, Mom!

Or, yeah, I'm cheap date. Went out after chores to pick the blight-stricken tomatoes for the birds. No sense letting them rot...and the chickens are not fussy. 

Although I left most of the bucket for Liz to take down to the big layers I stopped and fed a few to the baby guineas, Laura the hen, the tiny white turkey poult and the gorgeous, incredible, really, really pretty slate grey Americauna/cochin cross that one of the hens hatched this summer.

First I let the silly things out in their yard, which is a hoot in itself. Guineas are like little kids, sure they are missing something, and they boiled out that door like steam out of a kettle.

Then I rolled little red tomatoes down the roof wire, which has spaces large enough to admit a nice one, and waited until they found the right spot to fall through.

Like ducks on a June bug, the birds were on them, fighting as if I was feeding them exotic truffles and there was never going to be another one.

Each new mater caused them to abandon the one before. The yard was littered with red globes, but all eleven were squabbling over the same one every time.

I loved it.

Yep, cheap date.