Friday, May 17, 2019

Butt, Butt....

Never did get a front view of this Wood Thrush, but this is
the first photo I have ever gotten of one at all
so I guess I am happy
Yellow Warbler, pouting
Could AB be the one of ABCD goldfish fame?
At least he did turn around before he flew

Tuesday, May 14, 2019

All this Rain

Might bring a rainbow. We have had at least 8 different Baltimore Orioles at the feeders, eating suet and oranges, as well as Rose-breasted Grosbeaks, N. Cardinals, Pine Siskins and tons of others eating seeds. I think wild food is still pretty scarce. 


Yellow Warbler

Birding on the road hasn't been bad either, although I'm sick of being wet all the time.

All snuggled up with mama

Monday, May 13, 2019

X Spurts

The vultures are already gathering......

I just hung up on a potential hay customer


Color me not much of a businesswoman. After several minutes of lectures about how we have to deliver, how we can't say first come first served for hay....we do not hold it for anyone....came warnings about Johne's from spreading manure because of the state, meat not being safe to eat, and on and on, I lost it at Roundup in milk.


Just no.

We don't have to do anything we don't want to do other than pay taxes and die. We don't have to deliver. We don't have to hold hay for complete strangers, just because they say so, when we have good customers who are nice people who come regularly. 

And there is no Roundup in milk. I intend to continue drinking a goodly quantity of said milk every single day until I fulfill one of those requirements above, and I don't mean the taxes....although that is why we sell hay in the first pay taxes.

Somebody else wants the rest of the hay anyhow, and will soon be here to pick it up. 

Color me glad. Then I can go back to only answering the phone when I recognize the number, thus only talking to friends, family, and the library.

Sunday, May 12, 2019

Happy Mother's Day

The apple doesn't fall far......

To all the fine mothers and the products of fine mothers who might be reading this...

But especially to my own mommy Owdice, who is and always has been the very best of mothers.

Thanks for raising me right, listening to rants and raves and whines for all those years, and for the amazing blankets, quilts, paintings and carvings you made me over the years. For putting up with reptiles and amphibians in your house, which i know was not your favorite thing.....For passing down Betty Crocker, that old red and white cookbook that has kicked off so many great recipes, and for our daily phone chats now that mean the world for me.

And for doing all the cool stuff you always did with dad that pointed us kids in the direction of doing cool stuff too. That is my favorite photo of you, binoculars around your neck, boots, and go-out-in-the-woods clothes, with happy face. Sorry I didn't turn out to be much of a girlie girl though, because you did that side of life well too.

I love you mama, more than words can say. Hope you have a terrific day and hear from both your boys. You know I will be calling you too....

Friday, May 10, 2019

All the Gold

Goose on the Roof

Goose on the roof of a house we often pass

Goose (s) on a silo

Goose on the aqueduct
Goose Love

And all manner of other places... (HT to my friend Rev. Paul, whose blog address is Moose in the Yard. I thought of him often while assembling these photos.)