Thursday, July 01, 2010

Cross Country Blogging

I meant to ask to take a proper picture,
but got so interested in talking that I forgot..

It is pretty cool when a fellow blogger rides a motor cycle across the USA and writes about his travels. Cooler still if he stops by for a visit. Today we got to meet Earl, and it was a fine experience. He is even more well-spoken than his blog would have you think, (which is saying quite a lot) and he didn't seem to mind the warts-and-all experience of visiting the wilds here. (And what with the lawn mower languishing by the honey locust, hood-deep in uncut grass and the usual general shagginess, there are warts and wilds aplenty amid the good parts.)

We toured the mostly empty barn, as the girls were out to pasture (any other day they would have been on the hill right behind the house but today they decided to wander way to the back.) We
checked out the ag bagger and the self unloading wagon, which coughed up a beater yesterday, but is all fixed today. Then we walked about half way to the way back fields and stopped in the Thirty-Acre lot to look north toward the Adirondacks. NY was putting on a gentle show of fluffy white clouds and stark shadows against the green of the mountains (instead of the usual rain, rain and more rain) so the view was worth the walk.

We had a nice talk, and I got to satisfy my curiosity about the Appleseed Project, which is something Earl participates in regularly.

It is pretty neat to me how blog folks are on one hand complete strangers and on the other so familiar and friendly. Thank you Earl for taking time to stop and talk. Hope the rest of your trip is safe and beautiful.


Rev. Paul said...

That was cool - I'm glad you had that chance.

I'll be meeting Joated & his wife on the 11th, while they're in Anchorage. He was the very first blogger to find and "follow" my little corner of the cortex, and recommended my efforts to his readers. For that, I'll always be grateful.

The meeting will be icing on the cake.

Earl said...

You have accomplished the very rare event, a picture of Earl on the Trusty Triumph from his best side.

It was a wonderful visit, loved meeting you and your family and seeing all your work and knowing that it produces more than fine milk, very fine folks all.

lisa said...

That had to of been great!

threecollie said...

REv Paul, it was really delightful. I have been following Joated's journey and am looking forward to reading of your meeting when it takes place. I get a great deal of enjoyment out of the blog folks I have "met" online and meeting some real live ones is wonderful.

Earl, thanks so much for visiting. I really meant to ask for a pic of you with the Triumph, but we just got to talking and I forgot...meant to give you a Herkimer Diamond too, as a remembrance of upstate, but that is still sitting here on my computer keyboard..

LIsa, it was so much so!

anne smith said...

OH, that is so awesome!!! I am jealous

threecollie said...

Anne, it was amazing! I am still going over it in my mind.

joated said...

I've (intentioinally) met bloggers from Georgia to Connecticut and way out to Idaho and Alaska. It's always a cool experience to meet face-to-face with those with whom you've been conversing online. Glad you got that experience with Earl.