Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Mike Rowe Talks About Dirt

America must return to Dirty Jobs

I too could tell you a lot about dirt. In fact I could give you some up close and personal demonstrations about dirt without ever leaving my kitchen. Even as we speak I am puzzling about where all the hay came from.
First cutting, kind of coarse and discolored....who tracked it in?
And how do you track in hay anyhow?
Oh, well, where's the broom?


Jan said...

It's alarming and sad that we seem to value the job of marketing and advertising products more that the job of producing them.

lisa said...

There was a time I didn't like getting dirty but you know what, I would rather show hands that show hard work than hands that look like they havent' done a days work ever! I'll take my dirt anytime! I am always bringing in hay.

Anonymous said...

Oh, it so dry and dusty here. And last night there were several farm vechicles barreling down our road and the wind was pushing the heavy dust right at our house. They always seem to be doing farm work when the wind is from the south. Linda

threecollie said...

Jan, well said!

Lisa, I look askance at folks with no calluses on their hands...

Linda, sorry for your dust. When it is crop time, there is no waiting alas, it all has to be done in a timely fashion or crops are lost.