Monday, October 18, 2010

Munday, Munday


lisa said...

Looks like Simon has settled in!

Susan Rose said...

We should all aspire to living the life of a spoiled farm cat. Even their chores (hunting) are fun.

Linda said...

Now doesn't the new Simon look comfy. I'm glad to SEE he's settled right in.

Jeffro said...

Definitely signs of fall!

DayPhoto said...

Boy did that combine look familar!


threecollie said...

Lisa, settled is the right word for sure! He doesn't move much. lol

Susan Rose, that is true indeed! lol

Linda, yeah, he is the laziest cat I have ever seen! He sleeps and eats and rests up from same! lol

Jeffro, they are talking about the s word here! In October!

Linda, not ours but it looked so cool sitting there so I took a pic when we went up to buy some soybean meal