Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Around the Farm

Alan built us a huge wood shed all in a week, all by himself....cut the logs for the poles, set the poles, built the sides and roof and roofed it with used tin that blew off the barn roof before that big project. Must be seen to be believed, pics to come soon. Now we just have to get some wood in it.

Becky and I got the garlic planted yesterday, the latest yet, but more than double the usual size plot. We dug out the entire bean patch and put in garlic. Liz brought home a bunch of left-over bulbs from an Amishman she visited in her travels and I decided to plant them all, along with some of my own seed stock from this year. We love garlic and I always run out of home-grown long before I run out of winter. Hopefully next season will be different.

It was a great day for getting out and planting, colder than was comfortable, but you warm up quickly when digging. The ground was muddier than it should be, but it has been muddy all fall pretty much continuously so I am not going to worry about that.

On the phone half the day yesterday too, but with the owner of a bull we are trying to get bought rather than with politicians. (BTW, tried the Kim Komando pound sign on some calls, not on others). We looked at nice shorthorn bull a couple of months ago and then didn't hear anything for a while. Now we are back to negotiating. Hopefully we will wind up with him, as he is real nice. Alan and I fell in love with his dam from the moment we saw her out in the free stall at their farm. One of those cows that just jumps right out at you, all angular and sleek and correct.

Today, I figure if the phone rings it won't be a robocall. It is cold enough that it is probably clear out, so maybe we will get one more good day to get stuff done before the rain comes back.

Have a good one!


DayPhoto said...

I loved your photos! You have a delightful farm!


Linda said...

Always better to be shooting the bull about a bull rather than a ;)

Kristen said...

Good to be caught up on your end. Hope to see you soon! Love and hugs.

threecollie said...

Linda, thank you, it is pretty old and run down, but we still love it.

Linda, lol, exactly! And we learned a lot of really interesting stuff from the bull guy

Kristen, love you guys too. It makes my day to get to watch Sophie grow via Facebook. What a little sweetie!

Cathy said...

"On the phone half the day yesterday too, but with the owner of a bull we are trying to get bought rather than with politicians."