Wednesday, November 24, 2010


What do you name the new calf from the Mandy family...the one that is long and black, with bright, white stockings up to here? Yeah, Chrome.

Gratuitous barn cat...Tux again

Our two days before Thanksgiving present from Neon Moon, a Fustead Emory Blitz daughter out of Mandy. Chrome is sired by one
of our herd bulls, Keeneland Astre Pat, K-Pat for short. Sorry to be so slow to post, but between the holidays (Thanksgiving and deer season) the cows, herd health, shipping the steer etc. time has been one thing that is in short supply. Hope everyone has a wonderful day tomorrow and thank you all for your kind words!


Jan said...

Cool...color coordinated animals.

Have a great Thanksgiving.

Linda said...

Congrats and have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

Woodswalker said...

Look how the cat and the calf almost match! You have had a busy calving season. Congratulations on all those babies. And Happy Thanksgiving.

Ericka said...

so shipping the steer went ok? i wondered.

happy thanksgiving!

and happy birthday to your new addition.

Cathy said...

Awwww . . that's so cute!

Congratulations on the new arrivals.

Hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving followed by a wonderful visit with that chair that's got your name on it :-)

June said...

I can see that that bottle sure tastes good!
I'll say it again: I'm not sure there's much that's cuter than a brand new calf.

threecollie said...

Jan, thanks, I hope you do as well. Tux is the funniest cat! Liz brought him home from one of her farms and he is into EVERYTHING!

Linda, thanks and thanks!

WW, thank you! I hope you have a wonderful day today as well.

Ericka, sorry I didn't report on the shipping. It was pretty hairy because of his horns, but we set up gates and moved everything out of his way so it went okay. And thank you, and a Happy Thanksgiving to you too

Cathy, thank you so much. I hope you and Keith have a wonderful Thanksgiving as well. The chair is calling but there are potatoes to peel and things to bake so....

June, thanks! This one was a delightful surprise as most calves by KPat are nowhere near as nice.

Throwback at Trapper Creek said...

Chrome is beautiful! A perfect name for such a pretty gal :)

threecollie said...

Thanks, Nita, we spent a lot of time trying to think of just the right name.