Monday, November 29, 2010

Cold Dawn

Bur cucumber skeleton....they are a nuisance like kudzu, but interesting just the same.

The colors are not so very unlike blue and a little green where the lawn grass grows or the pasture is nibbled short. All as if muted by distance, far away from the hot, red tongue of sun, which would light them up bright and strong if it was summer. Softened by frost, silenced by summer's end. Bird calls are thin but bright. No dawn chorus when I go out to the stove. Just the roosters crowing, a chickadee waking up in the hedgerow.....a far away cardinal chinking but not singing. Even the crows are absent, not a goose is stirring down on the river. It is about as peaceful as it ever gets during this soft prelude to the day time.

November has its moments.

The holiday has left us with a pile of bookwork and barn work and household choring for the day so here are some fine reads from my favorite bloggers.

First a happy birthday wish to one of my most favoritest blog friend....Cathy at Looking Up

My kind of poetry about winter, from Linda at Just Another Day on the Prairie.

More poetry about the season from my first ever blog friend, Rosemoon at Moonmeadow Farm

Because this is a dairy blog, a daily must read on dairy John Bunting's Dairy Journal

Just in case you think the weather is a challenge here, a bit about daily life in South Dakota. If you farm or ranch you have mornings like this....but that doesn't make them fun.

Plus a blimp
Your morning laughs, just to get your heart pumping.
Something different but beautiful.
And mice, but cute ones

And there you have it. Now off to the barn to see what mayhem the girls and boys have thought up for us in the night. (We hoped that when we shipped the steer from Hell that the whole broken water bowl/flooded mangers thing would be given a rest...not so much, alas.)


lisa said...

You always have something to post! I love the picture! You have a good day.

DayPhoto said...

I have never in my life seen a bur cucumber. I take it they are a rather nasty weed. (Please don't send it here). But tell me more about them---are they huge. The photo makes them look HUGE.

Very interesting post!


Cathy said...

Awwww . .. thanks, TC. I'm touched to have my neglected little blog included with these other interesting and entertaining offerings.

I followed every link. You've discovered some good stuff :0)

This was another one of your breath-catching posts. I was there. I too, heard the cardinal's distant chinking. Lovely.

Thank you.

threecollie said...

Lisa, thanks, you have a good one too!

Linda, the cucumber part is about the size of half or a third of a lemon, although the seeds are in each of those two chambers. The plant however will climb all the way up a tree or sprawl all over a building. They are pretty harmless, if unsightly...thanks

Cathy, thank you too! I am amazed daily at the wonderful stuff written and photographed by my fellow bloggers...and I find much enjoyment in it.

Maalie said...

That's fascinating!

dickiebo said...

Awww! C'mon now. That's your hairnet, ain't it? Fancy trying to catch us out like that!

threecollie said...

Maalie, thanks

Dickiebo, okay, okay, you got me....darn it, I just can't fool you can I? lol