Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Talking Turkey

88% of American households will serve one this Thanksgiving.

247 million of them are raised here each year, with Minnesota being the largest producer.

The average weight of the ones we dine upon is 16 pounds.

For everything you need to know about turkey, from thawing your bird, to cooking with the leftovers go here. Pages and pages of all things turkey and just plain fascinating.


Dani said...


lisa said...

Yes, and I can't wait to serve ours!

Linda said...

I cooked a 14 pounder in honor of you yesterday;)

Ericka said...

this made me think of you today:

and, YUM turkey! i love thanksgiving.

Farmchick said...

Just bought a 16 pound turkey on Sunday! :)

Hope you can stop by my farm for a visit and don't forget to say hi!!

threecollie said...

Dani, wish I could send you one! lol

Lisa, ditto!

Linda, yum!

Ericka, that is terrific! I am going to post it as soon as I get time to edit the html so it fits in the column. Thank you!

Farm Chick, thanks I did visit, and will stop to comment next trip!