Monday, November 01, 2010

Tomorrow It Ends

After tomorrow, (in theory), the robocalls and other assorted political annoyances will stop for a while.

I don't know about you, but I sure am ready.

Yesterday an already contentious election season turned plumb ugly. Due to certain circumstances, which I will be nice and not discuss here, I missed my morning off. Thus I wasn't the chirpiest bird in the flock when I came in from chores.

However, I did such computer things as my messed up computer would permit, sat down in my Sunday Chair, and fell asleep, while reading a wonderfully mindless book. I was dreaming peacefully...pleasantly....ahhhh....can we say bliss? (Visions of Bejeweled Blitz danced in my head....and I was winning too.)

BRINNNGGGGGGGG...the telephone rang. My heart changed gears in less than a breath and began to pound like Bill Kreutzman's drums.

It was for the boss who was also nodding happily in his chair, enjoying Sunday football (entirely ignored by me, thanks to my Peltor ear muffs, which are real marriage savers, thank you NYCAHM.)

Becky grabbed the phone and carried it in to him. He answered...and it was an individual stumping for Susan Savage, for whom we weren't all that likely to vote in the first place. He was outraged and let the caller understand that in no uncertain terms. Sunday for Pete's sake! The closest thing to a day of rest that we are going to get and certainly not the right time for political harassment! (It is a shame that you can't slam down a portable phone). Neither of us managed to fall back into dream land. He went out to mow some hay and I waited for my heart to resume its normal sluggish Sunday rhythm and resumed perusal of my novel.

*****We interrupt this blog post to interject the darned near unbelievable. I was proof-reading through the above making sure it read as smoothly as I wanted it to, when the phone rang. Believe it or not it was someone ELSE from the Susan Savage campaign. It was nice to talk to a real, live person so I could tell her just how happy we were to be awakened from our Sunday snooze yesterday. ARGGHHHHH

Ah, I feel better now, except for the sky-rocketing blood pressure....those calls work just like a gallon of coffee or a four pack of AMP and so much cheaper too. Of course we do not nap on Mondays, but dang!

I am so ready to stomp down to town and vote on those lousy new voting machines tomorrow, confident that by Wednesday the ringing of the phone will announce one of our itinerant children or a beloved mother or brother or good friend, not some soulless creep from some political campaign.


Woodswalker said...

Yeah, we all hate those phone calls, especially when our minds are already made up about whom to vote for. But "soulless creeps"!? Ouch! I've worked the phones for campaigns I believed in, and felt kind of proud and brave to participate in the democratic election process. But I agree that the robocalls are nothing but annoying. It's hard to believe that they ever get positive results.

Jan said...

They all go to my voicemail. I don't answer the phone now unless I recognize the phone number on caller ID. If they don't leave a number, I know I missed nothing I wanted to hear. If they leave a robo message, I can delete it.

Technology is preserving my sanity and keeping my blood pressure in check.

DayPhoto said...

We have several robo calls on Sunday also. I think there should be a law...Not On Sunday! Ever!

I'm more than ready myself!!!


Floridacracker said...

Kim Komando said if you hit the pound sign during a robo call it will disconnect the call and take you off that computer calling list.

She is rarely wrong, so I think this should work.

threecollie said...

WW, it was Sunday for Pete's sake. And what right do they have to call me up and bug me? I am not bothering them am I? And those annoying, aggravating, insulting phone calls have yet to change my mind on any issue, so they are a waste of time for the callers no matter how patriotic they may feel about pestering me. If anything they are counterproductive.

Jan, wish I could do that! Alas, I have offspring on the road every day, friends of offspring with phone numbers that change oftener than their socks and business contacts etc. so I really can't screen calls...nothing we can do about the darned thing ringing anyhow and that is what woke us up. They are annoying enough during the week dagnabit.

Linda, I wonder what they are thinking...I have yet to meet anyone who likes the calls...whether a minor or a major annoyance, they are always a negative. So why do they do them?

FC, thanks! Tried it and it did instantly end the call. Kim is amazing indeed!

Cathy said...

We simply stopped picking up the house phone. I actually got a call as late as 10:15. We were sound asleep and I stumbled out of bed because I feared it was an emergency.

It's so good to have this one behind us. {{Happy sigh of relief}}

Now on to 2012.

I figure the phones will be melting by the time it's over.

threecollie said...

Cathy, the robocalls and Sunday calls and dinner time calls and all puzzle me. We can't possibly be the only people in the country that are aggravated by them. So why do they spend all that money? Are some people so politically indecisive that they are actually swayed by them? Do they believe the dirt they spew and think we will believe it too? I assume they must do polls that tell them that these calls are effective or something...or maybe they just love causing misery in living rooms and kitchens all across America. Whatever the actual deal is, I hate them. They bring out the rude in me very quickly.

Cathy said...

"...or maybe they just love causing misery in living rooms and kitchens all across America." (made me laugh)

I wish it were that simple. I think the people who arrange this are simply that clueless.