Saturday, November 20, 2010

Where the Air Smelled Like Snakes

Well, actually it smells like snow. The forecast isn't calling for much, but the wind yesterday blew in something different in the seasonal scheme of things.

It looks like November.

It feels like November.

And it smells like November.

Guess it must indeed be November. We are holding good thoughts for a safe opening day and the rest of the season, for good weather to the west of us so friends in other states can get their corn harvested, a good herd health next week, and a fulfilling and happy Thanksgiving for everyone.

What are you hoping for this fall?


Woodswalker said...

I'm hoping that you get all you hope for, threecollie. And also that we get lots and lots of snow for frolicking in this winter. Or would that make life (even more) difficult for a dairy farmer? Happy Thanksgiving.

June said...

I'm hoping for as much sunshine as possible. If it has to be late fall/winter, I will accept the cold, but I need a little ray of sunshine from time to time.

Word verification: trama :-p

Maalie said...

November can be a good month if you treat her nicely!

Cathy said...

Great comments above me.

Yes, November challenges the body,mind and soul.

Loved June's word verification! Perfect.

May your family's Thanksgiving gathering be blessed by the full bounty of your life, family and friends.

It should be rich, indeed.

PS. What the heck am I looking at in the picture? Are you drying a quilt on the bushes?

My word verification: phoon. Huh?

lisa said...

Has Alan gotten his deer yet?

Ericka said...

i'm hoping to quickly find a house, get moved with a minimum of pain, not hate the job, and find a way to stay warm. wish me luck!

hope you have a safe and wonderful thanksgiving!

threecollie said...

WW, thanks for your kind words. And a Happy Thanksgiving to you as well.

June, ditto, the sun makes all things possible and its absence makes them impossible. Love the WV! lol

Maalie, you are right and thanks so much for visiting. I love your blog!

Cathy, thank you for your kind words and good wishes. I hope that your family has a wonderful holiday as well. And love the WV. Sometimes they are so perfect and sometimes they are just weird. The photo is a blue jean quilt drying in the November wind on the clothes line. The bush looking thing is a little snuggle blanket my mom made for the boss on the other line...the wind is tangling them together.

Lisa, not yet? Your guys?

Ericka, thank you so much for your kind good wishes. I read of your move to Chicago, in the winter and you have my deepest sympathies. I hope you do find a warm, safe home and get through the cold months in fine style. Take care.

CTG Ponies said...

I hope you get all you wish for! I want to get through the winter as warm as possible with not nearly the amount of snow we got last year. Lots of hay in the barn, blankets for each horse, warms boots and coats and the countdown begins until spring. Each day gets longer after December 15th!

DayPhoto said...

I think our stuff has headed your way...looks like winter on the weather map for all of the USA.

Good thoughts heading your way also.


threecollie said...

CTG, thank you...and hold that thought. I am already ready for those longer days. lol

Linda, thanks so much for the good thoughts...not so much for the weather. lol Ice warning for tonight, alas.