Monday, December 20, 2010


Yeah, we were wishing Noah would bring by some equipment on Saturday. We had the annual family Christmas party in the afternoon, so of course when we got to the barn that morning we found a flood of biblical proportions. Lucky, who is indeed lucky, all things considered, broke her water bowl right off.....which left water, for which we are incidentally required to pay at double the local rate, flowing freely.

Apparently all night. One stable cleaner is level so the water can be run right into the spreader.

The other goes up to go out and water, although it wonderful stuff in the right place and time, refuses to flow uphill. There was so much water that both our little sump pumps turned up their toes. Alan rebuilt one several times before it finally gave up completely.

The women milked while the men moved water and wet, ruined feed and calves that needed new, dry stalls.

Despite all we made it to the party and weren't even the last to arrive. It was nice. Got to meet the new baby and hug everybody at least twice and eat more good food than should be legal. The barn is still soggy and now the spreader has ice in the bottom and won't run, but we will get through this, don't worry. Better days are coming. Here's hoping that seven day forecast has a few hours well above freezing in store for us. Otherwise we will be piling the you-know-what for a while.


Floridacracker said...

Good golly.
Sorry to hear about that mess!
Glad you were able to make it to the party even with those challenges.

joated said...

There might be worse times of the year for a spreader to be out of opperation. But I can't think of any time that it would be okay.

Good luck in getting those hours above freezing!

Dani said...

((hugs)) What a day!!!! Glad you got to make it to the party and enjoy the wonderful family love.

Cathy said...

Lordy. I'll bet those Christmas hugs were doubly appreciated.

Hang in there. We're all prayn' for southerly winds.

Throwback at Trapper Creek said...

Oh my, as if you needed a day like that! Sending warm weather your way - hope it gets there!!

DayPhoto said...

OH! MY! HEAVENS! What a mess! {{Hugs}} to you and yours, you sure need it.


Linda said...

Dealing with unwanted water is bad at any time of year but this is the worst. Glad to here you made it to the Christmas get together though.

Sandcastle Momma said...

What a mess to wake up to! Glad you were still able to make the party - it sounds like you needed some fun time after a morning like that!

threecollie said...

FC, part of the job, but surely not my favorite part. thanks

Joated, yeah, it is bad. They are piling for spring spreading right now. No choice. Thanks

Dani, thank you so much. It was a wonderful get together

Cathy, they were and a good blog friend in Colorado is sending us some warm weather....and one in Oregon too.

Nita, thank you! I am hoping it comes soon. lol

Linda, thanks, one of those years for both of our places. So glad you got your corn!

Linda, thanks, we were amazed that we could. I can't describe my horror when I walked into the barn and saw the flooding.

SCMomma, thanks, I was amazed that we were able to make it and not terribly late at that. When I saw the water I didn't think we would.