Monday, December 27, 2010

Hope You are Safe and Warm and Out of the Weather

Looks like this storm is walloping a lot of folks on the East Coast and I do hope you are safely out of it.

Our Christmas bird count is today.....don't know why it had to be on a weekday, but it isn't me who gets to decide. Still pitch dark out here and will be for quite a while yet, but it doesn't look like we got any snow. Yet. Howling a gale, but no snow.

No idea what to expect in the county to the north, but I do know I wish the count had been yesterday. Birds were out in huge numbers, emptied the feeders shortly after noon. Saw a sharp shinned hawk while filling the stove....probably lured in by the throng at the feeders. I think we have the largest population of chickadees I have ever seen and the white-crowned sparrow is still hanging around. Tons of gold and house finches, titmice, juncos, field sparrows, tree sparrows, and the other usual feeder birds each day.

We will be starting latish on the count, because this is not our morning off, but got to get milking in a minute. Stay warm!


goatmilker said...

Love the picture of the bird. We are in Michigan and all the weather has missed us so far. That is where I'm heading out to milk the cows only I don't have the cows you have to milk. Have a good day. Rebekah

Teri Conroy said...

Not a fun morning. YOu stay safe and warm too! Did it get to you? I know on the weather report last night it looked as though you might miss the worst of it.

joated said...

Bundle up! have fun! Lots of hot cocoa and soup when you're done!

No snow? You lucky devil!

Cathy said...

Our son missed Christmas
at home. Felled by a cold. Then the blizzard. He plans to drive.

Now he's got 12+ inches on the ground. He's going to try to press westward tomorrow.

I'll bet your birds are so grateful for that seed you're putting out there. Bless their little, fluffy, chilly bird bodies. Bless you for caring about them :0)

June said...

The snow here fell . . . oddly.
Pushed sideways and shoved downward by wind gusts that roared and screamed. I was glad to go to work in the valley, where it was calm!

threecollie said...

GM, thank you. Glad to hear that the weather missed you...glad it missed us too!

Teri, thank you..we did..we didn't get a flake, although we got a bit of freezing rain last night. Not much though. I see that you got hammered....sorry...

Joated, we did, and my mama made the best chicken and biscuits I ever tasted! We had a great day, much to my surprise

Cathy, so sorry for your poor son. That storm sure messed with a lot of people's holiday plans. We lucked out. The birds are voracious this winter, emptying the feeders amazingly fast. Luckily I received both two new feeders and an immense bag of seed for Christmas.

June, wow! I was so grateful that it missed us. All we need is a big mess of snow.