Friday, December 17, 2010

Merry Christmas, Have a Hot Shower

Year round!!!!

***I could sing the Hallelujah Chorus myself right now! We were looking at either spending thousands or taking cold ones!


Rev. Paul said...

It's so BIG of them to allow you to have hot water. Just the same, I'm happy to hear you can keep your boiler.

DayPhoto said...



Cathy said...

Pretty amazing if you think about Rev. Paul's comment that "It's so big of them to allow you to have hot water."

Next they'll be 'allowing' us to keep some of our money.

But, that aside, I lift my voice in unison with yours: ALLELUIA!

joated said...

Sounds like someone got their collective heads out of their nether regions and relized the hardship the original plan would cause. Good of them to do so.

threecollie said...

Rev. Paul, aren't they thoughtful? I get enough ice cold showers when we run out of wood, without the government forcing them on me too! lol

Linda, I echo those sentiiments!

Cathy, I calculated out what it would cost us to heat this monstrous huge house and water for five folks and it is staggering. Not a drop of foreign fuel goes into that wood boiler.

Joated, it is. What scares me is the "for now" part of the deal

Ericka said...

what they end up doing with laws like that is force formerly law-abiding people into breaking the law to survive.

(i'm not sure i can word this correctly, but i hope you take my meaning.) generally speaking, it is a very bad idea to push the bedrock, salt of the earth people into positions where they are fighting to survive and you are their enemy.